Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Adelyn is Here!

Born October 26th, 2009 11:44pm. 7lbs 6 ounces! :) More pictures to come.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dates with Daniel (Week 40)

The past two weeks... Daniel and I have had the best time together one on one. Since we have not known when I would go into labor we haven't made plans ahead of time and haven't been as busy... so this has left lots of time for just the two of us. It has been GREAT. We have enjoyed it so much, even though there is the underlying thought constantly "wonder if it will be today???". On the 20th we went out to eat at Red Room (one of our favorites) for our anniversary and last night we were brave and ventured out to the fair. I love going to the fair every year (Daniel not so much). We raided our pantry and took canned food to donate in place of fair tickets and walked around a good bit. I was hoping that would do the trick... but obviously since I am posting right now... we have no news yet. She just wants to hang on to me as long as she can... have I mentioned that I myself was ten days late!!!! Well at least we know Monday is the big day if she decides not to join us this weekend. :)
40 weeks!!!

Adelyn's first trip to the fair :)

Fair at 40 weeks and 2 days. People may or may not have been constantly looking at my belly wondering why I was there... :) At one point I was wondering the same thing when some of smells almost sent me over the edge :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If we can't see her in person yet...

then at least we can peak at her through ultrasound right? Her Beautiful Face
Check out those lips!!! :)

This is the bottom of her foot... 8cm!

The "It's a girl, still!!!" picture. :)
It was so exciting for us to get to see her on ultrasound yesterday. She passed her biophysical exam with flying colors... 8 out of 8. They are estimating she weighs 7lbs 12. We got to watch her strong heartbeat again and she was moving her arms around the whole time. We even got to see her eyes open and close. It was amazing! We were praising the Lord for the encouragement of such a great doctors appointment. Because her ultrasound looked so good they didn't even feel the need to do the non stress test. They set us up to induced on Monday 10/26/09 if we haven't gone into labor before then. So that was crazy to leave the appointment yesterday and know that her birthday will be 10/26/09 if not before then... FINALLY:)
Very soon we will get to meet her...
Psalm 27:14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Umstead

As I was writing the post for our 2 Year Anniversary I realized I never posted pictures of how we celebrated! We celebrated our anniversary a month ago, because we were not sure if we would be in the hospital for our anniversary and wanted to make sure we took the time away to spend together just the two of us. Let's just say it was the best weekend I have had in a LONG time (thanks to Mema and Pops). We had our all day Preparing for Childbirth class all day on Saturday at Rex hospital and that was hilarious alone! :) After the class we came by the house and grabbed our packed bags and went to the Umstead. Wow, if you have a chance to stay there sometime... DO IT! I felt like we had traveled out of town and had an amazing relaxing, romantic time together. We slept in with those LOVELY black out shades in the room and when we woke up, Daniel surprised me by telling me he had scheduled a pedicure for me at the Umstead Spa. So he walked me down for my appointment and I got an amazing pedicure for an hour. Pedicures are the BEST gift when you are 8/9months pregnant. What a great husband! :) We spent the rest of the day going to see an early movie and dinner. Here are a few pictures (&Video).

The video is not very funny or informative, but I don't really have a good pic of the two of us together except this.

2 Amazing Years!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. October 20th is our 2 Year Anniversary! Not only is it our Anniversary, but it is little Adelyn's due date. Ever since February we have been waiting for this day... I can't believe it is tomorrow. Hopefully she is a planner and she is planning on making her appearance tomorrow, because we are so ready to meet her. Maybe she is trying to wait though so that she can have her own special birthday and not share it with her parents anniversary :):)

I can't believe two years ago Daniel and I got married. Part of me feels like it has been longer and sometimes I feel like it has flown by. I can't believe how much our relationship has grown and changed in two years. I guess knowing that you are going to have a baby together will grow you pretty quickly. I can't explain how close we feel to each other right now.

I love Daniel with all my heart and can't be thankful enough to the Lord for my amazing husband. Happy Anniversary, Daniel. We wil post pictures very soon of Baby Adelyn!

Zoe Jane gets a haircut!

I was able to go with Kel to get Zoe's hair cut the other day. I regretfully didn't get a picture with it dry and styled. Zoe was so great while getting it cut. She sat so still and was taking it all in :)
Also if you ask her the name of her hair stylist she can tell you... "Rachel cut my hair". :)

Oh and of course Ariel was along for the ride. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

38 weeks and waiting...

So here we are at 38 weeks... I feel like I only post now about pregnancy and baby... but let's face it, it is on the top of my mind right now. I promise we do have lives other than sitting around waiting for Adelyn :) Not much progress at my doctor's appointment this week. She is in no rush to come yet. I officially worked my last day of work on Thursday before Adelyn arrives.

Yesterday Daniel and I were able to go to the State game. The weather was great, it was fun to get out and have a date together like that, but as you all know the out come of the game wasn't so great. :) (please excuse the wide pregnancy nose):)

As we got to the game, up in the bleachers, around all of the people I think the thought kept running through our minds...well what if I go into labor here...ha! Oh well it made it a little adventurous. She kept moving a lot the whole time because she was hearing all of the noise. I am sure she was wondering where we were and what was going on.

Baby Shower!

The girls had a baby shower for me last weekend... and it was AMAZING! (I hate that I didn't get pictures of everyone...) I had a lot of fun and Daniel and I were blessed to get many great gifts that will come in handy once Adelyn is here! The shower was held at Megan M's house... which was decorated so adorably with Adelyn's 'theme' I guess you could say - birdies!

Yummmy food... wish I could have more!:)
Most precious birdie cupcake...they are so creative!

Thank you ladies for my meant so much and means so much to have friends like you.