Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Months

Happy 5 Months to my sweet hilarious little Adelyn Elizabeth.

(picture compliments of Anna Bishop:)

She continues to astound Daniel and I with her looks, sounds, reactions and truly sweet heart.

Adelyn is now:

~ Eating Cereals (Oatmeal, Wheat, Rice & well Prunes to help out a potty issue) :)

~Rolling over from her back to stomach

~Sleeping from around 8 or 9 to 7am !!!

~ Nursing every 3.5- 4hours

~Taking 45min-2hr naps

~Wearing some 3 months clothes but mainly 6-9 months

~Loves songs, singing and dancing

~Holding toys really well and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth

~Almost sitting up on her own

~Loves baths and splashes a lot

~Loves giggling when you shake your head and kiss her around her neck

~Loves being outside and riding in the stroller

~She really like the excersaucer

~Using the paci mainly at nap/sleep time

~Really only cries if she is hungry or sleepy

The other night Daniel and I had been in the car for about 15 minutes and thought Adelyn had fallen asleep (she had been quiet). We thought we heard her so we turned down the radio and she was making the most quiet singing noise for like 2 minutes. It was as if she was trying to sing to the music. It was the most precious thing. Daniel and I kept smiling and laughing silently. It's moments like that, when I can't believe she is already 5 months old.

Here she is with her friend Everett! Precious!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hand Prints and Prunes

Interesting title. :) Well this is the highlight of our day. For a week now (well ever since she was born) I have been wanting to do her hand prints, and we haven't gotten around to it. Soooo I am excited to try today. It may be too difficult to do on my own but I am determined to give it a try. I guess hand prints at 5 months is better than never.

Prunes... well any mom can probably guess. Addie has now had Rice and Oatmeal Cereal. I was going to try Whole Wheat Cereal next and then veggies, so on and so forth... but Addie is having trouble going to the bathroom. So for her next feeding this morning I am going to mix some Prunes in with her cereal to see if it helps her poop. :) I know she will love it because it will be much sweeter than anything she has had. I just hope it doesn't mess her up and that she will still eat her plain cereal.

These pictures are from her first time eating cereal.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zoe Jane's Birthday!

Zoe Jane turned 3 on February 22nd! She is getting old way too fast. We can't believe how grown up she is. She is so smart and one of the sweetest most genuine little girls I have ever met. It seems like just the other day she was toddling around saying her first words and now she can carry on VERY full conversations with you and notices things sometimes we don't even notice. She LOVES Adelyn to death and Adelyn feels the same about her. Zoe is very gentle (but excited) when she is around her. Adelyn just watches Zoe's every move, like she wishes she could get up and run around with her. Zoe calls Adelyn "Adalee" or "Ad". I love it. Anywho back to Zoe's birthday. We celebrated her birthday with Micah's as a family first and then she had a Tea Party Birthday with her friends.

Put on your tiara for the next pictures or you will feel out of place. :)


The last night we were in Disney... I got very very sick late at night (I have not been that sick in YEARS). We thought it may have been food related at first. I was up most of the night and was sooo scared to fly the next morning, but we decided to go ahead and keep the same flight and go ahead and get home. Daniel was the biggest help that night. It's really true love to be able to help someone out when they are so sick. I don't know how he did it. It is really hard for me to be any where near people who are sick to their stomach. So we missed the character breakfast with the family and then got ready for our flight. I had zero energy but we were somehow able to get everything ready in time to catch our flight. I thankfully made it through the flight with out getting sick and Adelyn slept in my arms the entire flight! Thank goodness! Daniel's parents were so helpful and picked us up from the airport (as well as dropped us off) and drove us back to their house. I slept for about 3 hours when we got there and Kim tried to help by making me things to eat that sounded good. I could hardly eat 2 spoonfuls of anything. I knew I needed to try to eat something cause I am still nursing. I started getting a fever that night and we were supposed to drive home cause Daniel had to work the next day. Kim offered to come to our house to stay for a couple of days to help me out with Adelyn since Daniel would be at work and I had zero energy. I am slowly getting better and am able to eat more every day. The whole time we have been praying over Adelyn that she wouldn't get sick. So far she has not! :)
But... Daniel started feeling sick today... so I guess it was the stomach bug everyone has been passing around. Please pray that he gets better quickly.

Trying on her first bathing suit...

Hahaha... I tried on Adelyn's first bathing suit the other day. It was Hilarious. She was already about to outgrow the one I bought for her so I had to try it on for some pictures. Here they are so you can have a laugh with me.

Such a cutie.


We returned Wednesday night from Adelyn and Zoe's first trip to Disney! 4 months old is the perfect time to take a baby. Adelyn was the best baby. She was chipper and excited in the morning. I would carry her in the baby bjorn or she would ride in the stroller. When it came time for her to nap we would just lay down the stroller and let her sleep. She was seriously awesome. Breastfeeding was a challenge but it worked out really well. I tried to time it so that she was eating while everyone else was riding something and we would just skip out... but this didn't work out some of the time. The family was gracious enough to wait 15 or 20 minutes for us to feed her. I got used to breastfeeding pretty much anywhere (with a cover of course). In restaurants, on benches, in line for a ride... haha.

I mentioned during her 4 month update that Adelyn loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel so she was very excited to see Mickey everywhere. Although she didn't get to meet Mickey or Minnie :(. Whenever we saw them throughout the park she was asleep and we kept thinking she would see them the last morning at the character breakfast but I was sick our last we didn't get to go.
There were 20 of us that went this year (my dad's side of the family)! We were able to make it to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney of course. We stayed at the DoubleTree Suites. We only stayed through Wednesday morning. The rest of the family stayed until Friday and got to see Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios.

Rainforest Cafe.
First day at Magic Kingdom.

It's a Small World.

Minnie's House.

One of my favorite memories from the trip. We came home to rest half way through the day at Magic Kingdom and snuggled with little miss. She was so funny talking and squealing.


Zoe's Princess Lunch in Norway.

Daniel and little daniel in Canada.

Pops, Adelyn and Minnie :)

The whole gang minus Kellie (she was waiting in line for Zoe so she could see Minnie.)

Me and Addie in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

Daniel and Addie at the stunt show (we left soon after this picture because it was too loud for her).

The MacDonald Fam with the Up characters. :)

Zoe and the Incredibles.
Adelyn was able to ride It's a Small World, Imagination, Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Daniel and I can't wait to to go back with her when she is older!!!!
Thank you Pops and Mema for one of the most memorable trips yet!

Taste of Spring

The other day Daniel brought home a taste of Spring for me... and I LOVED them. :)

4 Months!!!

Adelyn Turned 4 Months Old on February 26th. I am behind on posting her 4 month update. First I want to say that I think she made the biggest changes between 3 and 4 months. I feel like our little tiny baby girl is growing so fast. We had her doctors appointment on the 26th and we were so excited to go see her growth. Also I was excited we didn't have to go to the doctor for a sick visit. The doctor said she was doing so well. He said we had a 'model' baby...of course we know that. :) Here are her stats.
Weight: 15lbs (75%)
Length: 26'' (90%) They said she will be tall like her daddy.
Wearing Diaper size 2.
Wearing 3-6 months or 9 months clothes.
She is rolling from front to back.
The doctor told us it is time to start her on solids!!! We are going to wait until we get back from our Disney trip though to start the new routine.
She is sitting if we prop her up. She uses the bumbo a lot.
Sleeping almost through the night. She still wakes up once around 2-4am. The doctor told me today to stop feeding her at that time and to just give her the paci. She should be able to make it 8 hours now.
She is super happy in the morning. When we go in her room in the morning to get her she is normally lying there talking and cooing :)
Still sits in her green rocker chair while I get ready in the mornings and is totally content.
Still uses the paci...mainly when she sleeps.
Has started sucking her thumb some if her paci falls out.
Does well for naps. She has gotten used to laying down by herself to go to sleep. In fact she is so used to this that if you try to rock her to sleep now when she gets tired she gets really mad. We have to find somewhere to lay her down when she is tired.
Does well with bottles when I am at work and she is with Nanna.
LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on TV.
Loves riding in her stroller now.
She talks a lot now...mainly loud loud squeals.
Started picking up toys, holding them and bringing them to her mouth.
Started drooling a lot more. The doctor said she is in the beginning stages of teething.
I have to clip her nails every other week it feels like and it still makes me nervous.
I will add her 4 month picture soon. :)