Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cotton The Bunny

So we met "Cotton" the bunny when we went to GanyardHill farms at the beginning of October. Adelyn loved her and wanted to take her home. While we were at the farm we were able to pick our own cotton from a field! She loved doing this and I was trying to think of a creative way to use the cotton....since we don't know how to weave our own shirt...I decided to help her make "cotton" the bunny as a craft. She loved it!

The eye is a coffee bean.

Again we have bedhead (plus a hair clip).

Puzzle Time

Adelyn LOVES this puzzle that her Mimi bought for her. She normally puts it together with our help...well today I left her alone for a few minutes after she had put the first two pieces in. I walked back into the room and she was putting the last piece in all by herself. I couldn't believe it! She was so proud. (she is still in her PJs with bedhead :))

Turning 2 in 1 week!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dance Class

So proud of Adelyn today. She was invited by her friend Emerson to visit her dance class. We were excited to go but I was anxious to see how she did because she is really dealing with separation anxiety right now. In the class, the little girls dance with just the instructor and the parents are out in the waiting area. She was very excited watching the older girls in the first class finish up. They were dancing with ribbons and she got very excited. She walked right in with Emerson holding her hand but when she turned around and saw that I wasn't coming she started crying so hard. I told her it was okay and introduced her to the teacher and told her I would be right at the door (she could see my through the door). She was not having that so the instructor said I could sit inside the class. For the first 5-10 minutes she kept getting closer and closer to the other girls and finally went and joined in. I knew she would love it and she did!! She starting holding hands, participating and following directions. She got to dance with the ribbons at the end and got a sticker. I am so glad Emerson invited her. I was almost teary eyed (pregnancy hormones) watching her dance and be a big girl. I remember going to dance class and how much I loved it. It was a special memory.

Movement! (older post)

Daniel felt baby move for the first time last night (10/11/11). My heart was overflowing with joy. It is neat when he is finally able to have some type of connection with our little baby girl/boy. :) Only 9 more days until we find out!!!

Adelyn talks to baby and kisses my belly almost every day with out us prompting her.

Belly Pic 19 weeks. ( I know this is sad that this is the only belly pic I have taken so far.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Do Gain, Dad"

Farm Day

My friend Amy told us about an event they were having at a farm near Brier Creek last Saturday. It is a small family farm that welcomed people for the day (FOR FREE) to check out their animals and country store. They had live music, food and fun stuff for kids to see. Adelyn had her first overnight guest the night before (Everett :)), so we decided to bring him along and go check out the farm. Seth, Anna, & Nolan joined us as well. Adelyn also got to see Emerson, Ezra, Mark and Amy!! She was in heaven! She loves animals, but right now likes some of them better from far away. haha