Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soccer Girl

Addie is sporting her soccer jersey Jessica sent her from Argentina. Isn't she precious! Since it was blue and Addie stillllll doesn't have hair I had to put something pink on her. :)

Adelyn's Updates

I have been horrible about Adelyn's monthly photos and here we go... :)

We are almost at 7 months. Ahhhh mama is about to cry thinking of how far you've come since the day in the hospital when I first held you.

I just went through your clothes AGAIN today to pack away some of your clothes that are too small and it's crazy thinking of how fast you are growing.

Life Highlights:

~6 month check up you received all of your normal immunizations. Nana went with us because daddy wasn't able to get away from work that day. After your shots you held your breath soooo long before you cried out this huge cry. :( Made me so sad. You weighed right at 16lbs (50%) and were 24 1/2 inches long (75%), head 16 1/2 (:)) taking after your dad. The doctor said you looked great and just advised us to start baby proofing the house. :)

~speaking of baby proofing, you are starting to get mobile. you are so funny. you now only want to be on the floor because you know now that you can kinda move around. you push up on your arms and knees and push backwards. you can't crawl or move forward yet. you roll everywhere you want to go (normally towards me or daddy)

~you always want us to hold your hands now so that you can stand.

~you get super excited about the hot dog song on mickey mouse clubhouse

~you have made it through the nursery at church. the first time you did great and fell asleep in the stroller. last sunday you didn't like it too much. they said you cried the whole time and had a hard time falling asleep. :( not sure how to remedy this.

~when we are in public everyone comments on your beautiful blue eyes and your lips. :)

~whenever you are riding in your car seat you cross your little ankles... it makes me smile every time I see it.

~when we are riding in the car you make sounds like you are singing.

~you still love stroller rides through the neighborhood

~I started sitting you in the shopping cart this week with one of the cart covers and we don't have it down yet. you seem to feel more free and get frustrated when I don't pick you up. if I am holding a drink with a straw you can forget it. :)

~size 3 diapers, you poop all the time (hehe) slowed down a while with solids but now it is ummm enough :)

~you nurse 7am, 11am, 3pm, then after dinner/before bed around 8

~you eat cereal, veggies, fruit at 7am, 11am, 6pm

~sleep 9 or 10pm to 7am, 2 or 3 naps during the day

~you love veggies, HATE bananas, LOVE apples and blueberries

~you can hold your sippy cup pretty well we put a few sips of water in there at a time. you are always interested in whatever anyone is drinking

~you smile ALL OF THE TIME. you really bring us so much joy.

~just this morning I think you really recognized "dada" to be Daniel... so sweet.

We love you miss Adelicious.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bahamas & Mother's Day

We had a wonderful time in the Bahamas. Adelyn was a great traveler as always. When we arrived we were just so excited to be there. They brought a silver crib to our room that looked like a princess crib. So perfect. She did really well on the flights and slept most of the time. Adelyn's entertainment for the trip was Zoe... as long as Zoe is around Adelyn is happy. She really does stare at her and follow her (with her eyes) around the room. Adelyn is never scared by Zoe even is she is right in her face. We love watching the two of them together. A lot of times Zoe calls Addie her little sister and I love it. When strangers come up and compliment the girls, Zoe is quick to tell people that "this is Adelyn, my cousin (or baby sister)" :)

She LOVED the ocean, we went out there the very first afternoon after she had had a nap in her fancy crib. She liked the pool as well. Splashed a lot. Wasn't to excited about her float because she couldn't touch the water.

The entire week she just went with the flow and really was so great.

While in the Bahamas Adelyn:

-Cut her first tooth

-Started walking while you hold both of her hands

-Sat up a couple of times on her own from her stomach

We celebrated my 1st Mother's Day while in the Bahamas. What a great place to be on my first special day celebrating my new role as a mother. Adelyn is the biggest blessing ever. She melts my heart everyday. I just squeeze her sometimes and hold her itty bitty face and just can't believe she is ours. She gets quite frustrated when I do this...haha. She definitely already has a very strong opinion. Being a mother is the biggest challenge but has the greatest reward. I feel sooooo honored to be Adelyn Elizabeth's mother.

She has with in the past couple of days started saying "dada" a lot and I think is starting to understand that "dada" is Daniel. Now I am sooooo ready for her to start saying "MAMA". :)

Take a look at the slide show of pictures!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Job Search...

I have just spent the last hour (while little Addie is sleeping) looking for a part time job. I have spent the past 3 years working for the same medical office and gave my 2 weeks notice last week. It was time for me to part ways with that office. Daniel and I are not in a place yet where I can stay at home with Adelyn full time so I am looking for a part time job. If you know of anything/anyone that is in need of a part time employee please let me know. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wicked Birthday (hehe)

Daniel was so sweet and surprised me with tickets to Wicked the day before my birthday! His parents were sweet enough to watch Adelyn that night, we got all dressed up and headed out to the DPAC for the show. We LOVED it and had a wonderful date night. When we returned home I found that my mom had dropped off my YUMMY birthday cake and the Ward's had flowers for me. So sweet! I had a wonderful 27th birthday. I loved spending it with Daniel and my little adorable girl. The morning of my birthday I nursed Addie and then Daniel took her downstairs so I could sleep in another hour or so. :) When I got up he had picked up some Caribou coffee for me!!! Later on when we were getting ready for church he walked up the stairs with Addie on his hip and she was holding my birthday present! :) He had wrapped the new Jamie Cullum cd (we love him!!). It was so cute to see her holding my gift. LOVE THEM.
We celebrated my birthday with my family on Tuesday night. We went out to eat and then everyone headed back to our house to do cake and presents. We had just gotten word from Tamara that our photos were ready to view online, so we logged on and watched while we laughed and teared up.

Adelyn's First Time on the Sand!

Our friends Seth and Anna were gracious enough to invite us to their family's beach house a few weekends ago. We had the BEST time letting Addie and Everette play together. Adelyn enjoyed the sand and sea for the first time. She ate some sand of course and Anna has those pictures (my camera died the first day). I need to get them from her so that I can post some more. Thanks for taking the pictures, Anna.

Art Museum

On my birthday last weekend we made a trip to the newly remodeled Art Museum here in Raleigh. It was so great to walk around...the weather was perfect. Believe it or not Adelyn loved looking around at everything too!