Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 & 3 Month Update

Adelyn was 3 Months old January 26th (update for month 2 & 3). She...
~weighed 24 inches . at 2 months & pounds inches at 3 months
~is wearing diaper size 2.
~ still smiling really well when you talk to her or make faces at her.
~has started giggling!
~has better hand control and has sucked on her thumb once or twice.
~has started to somewhat reach for toys, she works really hard to hit or pat her books that make noise.
~she can focus on you and follow you around the room really well.
~beginning to like bath time, she only cries when she gets out and is cold.
~still has somewhat fussy time around 4-5.
~sits in her green chair happy while Mommy showers and gets ready for the day.
~loves being in her crib with the mobile on if I am cleaning her room.
~has traveled to visit Daddy a the bank a few times for lunch :)
~if it is first thing in the morning or later in the evening, she can fall asleep very easily on her own as long as she has paci. :)

~is nursing every 3 hours still during the day and is stretching it out to 6 to 7 hours at night!
~is still working on taking naps in her crib during the day. For some reason she knows the difference of napping in the same room with me and being in her crib. Ugh.
~doesn't mind tummy time as much.
~is holding her head up REALLY well and has sat in the bumbo seat a few times.
~did great during Christmas traveling!
~had her first cough. she got sick while we were at the beach for moms birthday and we had a couple of trips to the doctor and are doing 3 breathing treatments a day :(. she was sick for a week and then started to greatly improve.
~loves going for stroller rides now, we had a few warm days (about 60 degrees) and we went for our 1 mile walk through the country club. She was very alert and loved being outside.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Goals...

Each new year that comes around everyone gets inspired to live better, be more organized, and work out. Well this new year for me is no different. The Lord has added a huge blessing to mine and Daniel's life and now that she is 2 1/2 months old we are starting (again I say starting) to get a grasp on this parent thing. I don't even feel confident with that sentence...haha let me just say we are starting to adjust to the eat, wake, sleep schedule of our itty bitty little baby girl. See, Adelyn was born and then we almost immediately had the whirlwind of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years... then I started back to work (part time). So today I feel this pressure to have an organized life, work out every day, have dinner on the table, have a perfectly happy baby...basically be a great friend, wife, sister, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, employee, and supper mom. Wellllll this is not possible in my own power. With that said I have decided to focus on the only super hero I know, Jesus (cheesy but you get the point). I have expressed to Daniel recently how I have never read the entire Bible. Sad but true, that I am 26 and haven't accomplished this. I decided to pull out my One Year Bible and go full force. Seeing as I am 11 days behind already... I have a lot to do. :) Please pray for me as I drink in all that the Lord has to offer me as I am weak and in need of his power. I speak for Daniel also when I say it is our desire to draw closer to the Lord this year.
As I start this challenge, please feel free to hold me accountable and ask me how it is going from time to time :)
picture: new 2010 planner, Bible and new pen! :) Oh the little things that excite me.

Little Devil or Wolfpack?

I just had to post these pictures because I love them.
Adelyn with Aunt Kaye in her Duke outfit (a lady at work got this outfit for Addie because she knew I grew up as a Duke fan).
With that said...we are a family converted to NCState.
That is why she is smiling in this picture. Ha :)

Happy New Year

It excites me to think of all that is ahead of us in the Year 2010. We have so much to be thankful for in 2009 and I can only imagine the great memories that will be made in 2010.

Happy New Year (2 weeks late).
We were at the beach for New Years celebrating Christmas with my Dad's side of the fam. Daniel, Adelyn and I went to bed at 11pm on New Years Eve... so sad, I know. We were just ready for bed... sooo tired. So we put Adelyn in her packnplay in our room and kissed and said Happy New Year to each other and probably were asleep by 11:15. :)

She was really excited about this picture!

Ps... I wish Daniel could have the scruffy look all the time. He had been out of work for a week and was able to grow his beard out a bit. Monday morning...bzzzzzz. It was gone. :(