Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mom & Dad's House

A huge praise to the Lord that my parents are in the middle of finally selling their home this week. (They have been trying to sell since last year). Even though it will be sad for them not to live there any more, they will now be closer to us, in Raleigh!!!!

Layla Ave.

This summer I have started to make jewelry (earrings). I LOVE IT. I am having to pace my self though and not go crazy at the bead stores. HA... Daniel is having to help me with that! I have a shop online now that I would LOVE for you to visit. If you see anything you like let me know... also if you want me to create something specific for you please let me know. As I said this is a new site and much more will be added soon.

CHUC girls leaving:(

Well sad to say that three of my girls at work are leaving... I hate to see them go. We had a girls night to say farwell to them a couple weeks ago. Here is a SMALL fraction of the photos we took that night.

A typical day in the Bahamas, I just had to add these. :)

A storm was coming, Pricy Room Service Ice Cream, In the Dig, Carmines Dinners, Playing Catch in the Pool

So basically I have not posted since the begining of June (exactly what I thought would happen). I need to get better at this. This summer for the two of us has been insane... so busy. A very important wedding to be a part of :) (Katie & Paul), a trip to the Bahamas, a trip to the beach with the Ward family(pictures coming soon) and so much more. Although we are grateful to the Lord for the fun summer he has blessed us with it is nice to finally be home for a while.

Katie's Wedding, Us after the wedding, Zoe being so silly at the beach climbing on me and getting me sooo sandy.