Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eva Grace 6 months

What a big (little) girl.:)

Weight: 14lbs 8 oz

You are super sweet. You love kisses, snuggles, and eating your toes. You love being with Mommy the best and I'm okay with that. You are starting to become better about letting other people hold you and play with you...more mellow. You love your sissy so much and constantly look for her and watch her. She makes you laugh the most. You love your bouncy seat that's hanging between the kitchen and living room. You can say "dada" and just last night, looked right at Daniel in the kitchen and said, "dada", but I think you are still figuring it out. You love being outside.

- still primarily breast feeding
- won't take a bottle ;) (Eva Diva)
- loving solid foods 2x day
- loving puffs and baby mums (7 months)
- sitting up (really well by 7 months)
- sleeping 8-9 hrs then eating, 7 months 10-11 hours
- teeth: bottom 2, (7 months top right and bottom right 3rd tooth popping through)
- naps well twice a day with paci, blanket and seahorse (stopped taking the dinner time nap at 6 months)
- by 7 months have only had a couple colds and a rash with fever (no ear infections or antibiotics)

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