Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eva Grace 4 months!

Weight: 13lbs
Length: 24in
Head: 16in

Little Eva is 4 months old! Can't believe it. We had her doctors appointment this week. She was 50% for all of her measurements which makes us happy because she was so little in the beginning. Her length jumped from 20% to 50%. The doctor said she looked great and was ready to start solids (probably why she's still waking at night).

The little stinker still isn't quite rolling over but she's so close. When she is on her back she leans all the way over to her side but doesn't quite push all the way over. I don't think she is close going front to back... She just loves to lift her head high and kinda scoots like she's going to crawl! I know that's really far off but somehow she does move forward.

She is still not quite the best sleeper at night. She probably wakes up a couple times at night (still in our bedroom in her crib). She will go about 6 hours at night between feedings. If she wakes up to eat at 5am or later she's ready to be up for the day. She naps pretty well. She is starting to lay down for her naps without crying, if she does cry it doesn't take long. We been laying hr down with her paci and glow worm.

She smiles so easily. Giggles when you make pop noises and silly faces. Loves watching and being around Adelyn all of the time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Reading to Little Sis AKA "BooBoo"

Adelyn LOVES reading her Bible (praise the Lord). She decided to hop up on the sofa last week and read to Eva Grace on her own. Makes my heart so joyful. Also notice the ballet typical. 

Looks Uncomfortable

What do you do when your 3 month old insist on sleeping like this in the car? I try to move her head back and she cries and puts it right back in this position. 

Out To Eat

It's much easier to go out to eat now that Eva is a little older. We went to Mellow Mushroom in Durham a couple weeks ago. Eva sat happily in her car seat playing with her crinkle book and we enjoyed eating with Miss Adelyn. We walked to the waterfalls after to explore and take some pictures. 

Pool Time

We have been to the pool a few times already. Adelyn loves playing in the water but is still pretty fearful. She wants to stay very close and WILL NOT go under!! Baby steps....:)

Adelyn Making Eva Laugh

Adelyn loves making her laugh. Not sure what word she was saying. :)

Eva Watching Baby Einstein

I put the movie on just to see what she would do because she has started noticing the tv. She went crazy!! 
3 1/2 months old! 

Eva Updates

(written end of May)

Weight 1 month: 8lbs 6oz
Length: 20.25in
Head: 14.25in

Weight 2 months: 10lbs 5oz

Our sweet Eva Grace is now almost 3 months old!!

You are beautiful and you look so much like your sister but still have your own look. When you smile your cheeks get all squishy with a bigger dimple on your left cheek and your eyes get really squinty.:)

I can't believe you are reaching the 3 month mark. You have become much more alert these past couple of weeks. You are content lying on you're play mat in the mornings after you eat while we eat breakfast. You follow us around the room really well now. You LOVE watching Adelyn run around and dance.

You're still pretty much doing the eat, wake, sleep cycle. Sometimes you will almost stay awake during the whole cycle in the morning and then crash for a morning nap after you eat. I'm so ready for a schedule and to do a little sleep training for naps.

You are a spitter!!! We are trying our hardest to help you with reflux meds or to see if it's allergies and we have not been successful yet. (tried zantac, we've been on Prevacid for 1 week, no dairy for 1 week) You don't get super fussy when you eat like you used to but I still want to make sure you don't have an allergy.:(

You sleep petty well for naps. I had to stop letting you sleep in your green chair or on the boppy during the day because it was killing us at nighttime when we would lay you down on your mattress to sleep. Around 2 months we had to take away the wedge at night because you were moving around too much. At 2.5 months we started letting you sleep on your tummy because you were still so restless at night. I was very nervous about this but we prayed and trusted the Lord in this decision and you have been doing much better. You go to sleep around 9, wake up around 2 or 3 am, and then again around 5 or 6.

You aren't too excited about paci and have started sucking on your fist. The only time you will really use the paci is when you are in the car or when I have to rock you to sleep. 

Notes I took on my phone to remember :) :

1st week: eating every 3 hrs, sometimes every 2 around dinner time. Sometimes around dinner you can be a little unsettled or fussy. We wake you to feed during the day. Napping downstairs in the packnplay. First few nights were typical newborn eating and trying to get settled. Nana stayed the first 3 nights. Kim stayed the next 3. We started keeping you in our room in the crib at the 4th night. Sleeping on the wedge. Right at one week started feeding only at around  9pm, 1:30, and 6am. Tonight you ate at 11 and I had to wake you up to eat at 4am. I am in awe of how well your doing at night. Big sister has been waking up a couple times at night and daddy has been getting up with her. She did well last night though.

You like to be held to fall asleep but once you are asleep we can lay you down and you sleep well.
You aren't to excited about a paci yet. We have tried all the kinds we have and you have a favorite but you only like to suck on it about 1/4 of the time. Maybe you'll be a finger sucker. You normally use the paci just in the car or when we rock you to sleep. 
You smile in your sleep a lot! Yesterday morning you were looking right at me after I had fed you and I was talking to you and you did a couple half smiles. It was so sweet. Probably still reflex but I loved it.
2 weeks today! I spent the entire day alone for the first time with you and Adelyn. It was a good day. Late afternoon you started having a stuffy nose:(. So hard to watch. We started using saline drops on your nose and the humidifier in our room. You ate around 10:30 pm and just woke up at 3:30 am to eat. I wanted to let you sleep since you may be sick. I hate seeing you with a stuffy nose this young. Hopefully it does not get any worse. I looked back at adelyns blog at 1 month and it says she had already had a cold too.
You have been taking naps in your crib now during the day, either in your boppy or on the wedge.
We have gotten out a couple of times to go over to Nana and Papas. Also a couple of times to the park and you stay bundled in your stroller. I have been able to get out here and there with just Addie ( rhyme time, ballet, target, playground) while Mimi, Nana or Daddy have kept you at home.
Week 4&5 you started smiling some when people talk to you. You have been doing 1 4hour span starting at 8-9pm but then eat every 3 hours after that. 
Thursday March 29... First errands our with the 2 girls. To best buy to get daddy's phone and to old navy to get shoes for Adelyn. Had to carry Eva in the sling, she still doesn't like the car seat to well. Eva slept the whole time in the sling!