Thursday, February 17, 2011

The twins again...

...minus the paci of course.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Latest Family Shot

We are so ready for the warmer weather!!!!

Just in time for Valentines Day

Little Adelyn told me she loved me!!!

I was putting her down for a nap on Saturday (2.11.11). I said "Love you, Addie" and she pulled out her paci and said, "Uv You" with this sweet smile on her face.

I have been prompting her when we say goodbye to Daddy or to other people to say "Love You" and she would repeat it, but this was very special to me because it was the first time she said it on her own.

It brought tears to my eyes. She is getting more snugly and lovey every day.

Here she is during a nap where her bunny attacked her in her sleep. :)

I Love You

We had a wonderful Valentines Day... we took the day that some people (maybe a lot of people) view as a silly, commercialized holiday to show each other our love. It's just fun. I'm a sucker for Valentines Day.

~Monday morning Daniel and I both had to work. I came downstairs after getting ready for work and Daniel had made heart shaped waffles for Addie and me. With our handy heart shaped waffle maker that we got as a wedding gift (thanks, Barry and Kaye!) Great way to start the morning. At lunch Daniel brought me 2 dozen red roses to work.....yipeeee! Best hubby. I had given a gift to Katie to take to Daniel at work (they work together at First Citizens). It was a box of Ghiradelli chocolates and a heart shaped wooden frame that Adelyn had painted pink and red for him.

~Monday night Daniel had BSF, so I picked up Adelyn from Nana's and we went to eat at Panera just the two of us. I ordered her a little kids meal (deli sandwich and yogurt). She ate it like a big girl and loved it. We had fun on our little date.

~Daniel and I went out Tuesday night to Fosters for dinner and went to see "Just Go With It". It was a very funny but predictable chick flick. It was fun to just relax and laugh with him.

I have been trying to load a video of her opening her v-day treat bag...but it wont load:(

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 months ... and a little catchup...

Adelyn Elizabeth is 15 months and 3 weeks old!!!

I have been behind on her updates simply because she has had me running around like a crazy person (mixed in with a bit of laziness).

I really feel like she is turning into a little lady. Today we were at Target (imagine that)... and Adelyn was just talking about a million things out loud (not quite sure what they were). A lady walked up to her smiling and said "Hey, Princess". Adelyn's sweet face lit up like she knew she was a princess. I can't believe how grown up she is already. She tries to make us laugh all of the time. And when we do she does this loud belting fake laugh.

Here she is with her Daddy at the aquarium last month. Twins??

Okay here are some numbers:
Weight: 25 1/2 lbs (75%)
Height: 32 inches (90%)
Head: 19 inches (off the chart)

So she has her Dad's height, is on track for weight and well...has her Dad's head size. Hehe. When I asked the Dr. if she was concerned or thought it was bad. She said well she will always have trouble with hats fitting but other than that, no!

Sleep: she is a pro sleeper...and for this we are very thankful. She goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 every night and wakes up at 7 or 7:30am. We started transitioning to 1 nap during this month. Some days she takes 2 still and sometimes she can make it with only one. Still trying to figure this out and trying to remember (as Mom tells me) that it will be a transition.

Food: she loves: oatmeal, bananas, cookies, puffs, goldfish, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, CEREAL (thank goodness, she fits into our family perfectly), chicken soup meals, peaches, pears, sweet potato, applesauce, green beans, peas. NOT a big fan of: my cooking (ha), apples, broccoli,
She mainly drinks whole milk, diluted apple juice & water. On occasional trips to Panera she gets a chocolate milk.

Fun Stuff: she runs, she climbs the stairs and slide down on her belly, she can feed her self for the most part, she likes to watch movies (oh no) (toy story, nemo, baby macdonald, mickey mouse clubhouse, jacks big music show), she loooooves talking about Daddy all the time (when he comes home from work she gets really really excited), she is also always talking about "Zo", we can't get her to say "Zoe" :), I created a family photo album for her to carry around and after having it for only 1 or 2 weeks she can now almost name every person in the book!

Words: bye bye, hey, hi, love you, knock, mama, daddy, family members (growing everyday), drink, milk, up, down, out, car, ride, truck, walk, sit, dog, cat, ribbit, mooo, meow, baaaaaa, quack, duck, turttttlllle, nemo, mickey, minnie, woody, buz, donald, happy, sad, night night, bath, bubble, water, pocketbook, book, play, potty, peepee, poot, eat, moon, bird, boot, shoes, toes, eyes, ears, nose, back, butt butt, shirt, socks, bunny, paci, no, please, movie, beach, hot, snack, tree, rock, Bible...

Here she is with her friend Everett. She lovvvves "RetRet".

I am sure I have probably forgotten some funny moments or words, but that is what happens when you get so far behind. Now that her update is complete I hope to be better about blogging!!