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Potty Training Update

17 Months: Pee Peeing in Potty but still wore diapers all of the time. She began getting interested in using the potty and we didn't have to persuade her or anything. She still often had accidents. Some day were better than others. After 1 1/2 months of that we...

18 Months: After her doctors visit we decided we wanted to get rid of paci first and then after that was a successful accomplishment we would change to panties. It took a couple of weeks until we felt like she had really said good bye to paci. We took it away from her cold turkey and she did awesome, but at nap time it took her 45 minutes to fall asleep. :) She would ask for it, but would never cry about it. She would say, "Paci, Paciiiiii, Gig Girl". As if to say, I really want paci but I know you aren't going to give it to me cause I am a big girl. :)

We then made a big deal about going to buy big girl panties. Tangled, Dora and Minnie. She was excited!!! I picked a week when I knew I would be home for 3 days without any major plans or errands to run. Also I knew we weren't going out of town that weekend. We started panties that day and only had a couple of accidents that day. Every day it got better and better. By the end of the week I even would make quick trips to Target, as long as we went potty right before we left home and at the store. We were going to let her nap without diapers, but decided we were changing too many sheets at first. So since she was so young, we decided to let her wear diapers at nap and bedtime.

19 Months: Wearing panties and doing great! Can't remember the last accident we have had. She still wears diapers at nap-time and bedtime but I think we need to stop that now because 95% of the time when she wakes up, she is dry. When she is done on the potty she says "shinished" (finished). She tells us now when she needs to pee/poop! I am so proud of her. It helps our budget too :):)

We don't really have any funny potty training stories. She hasn't fallen in or anything. haha The only thing that is kind of funny is she knows that when she says "pee, pee", we jump! So sometimes when we are out to eat or somewhere where she is bored, she will say "pee, pee" and we take her to the potty and NOTHING. Then we realize she was just trying to get up. So smart.

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