Friday, February 19, 2010

Adelyn on Skype

Last week we got to Skype with Jessica in Argentina!!! While the camera was being annoying and not working on our end...we got to see Jessica. Adelyn was so excited. She was smiling, cooing and typing on the keyboard. :)
Here they are playing picaboo. WE MISS JESSICA!

Adelyn was having fun typing on the we decided to let her type a message/email to Jessica. We opened up my Gmail and this is what she wrote: :)

Lauren Ward to Jessica show details Feb 8 (10 days ago)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Addie went to school...

Daniel and I didn't have to work Monday so we were able to stay in Lincolnton Sunday night. Monday we took Adelyn to see Kim at her school. She teaches reading at an Elementary school there in Lincolnton. It was so fun to be able to go and see where she works everyday. You really wouldn't believe the amount of books she has in there!!!! Ever since Adelyn was born, Kim has had a mini blog on the classroom wall all about Adelyn. :) Each week she post a new picture and paragraph about Adelyn and the children get to read it aloud. She has told us that every week they get so excited to read the new update on Addie. So sweet. Since we were coming to town we all thought it was a good opportunity for us to take Addie for them to actually get to meet her in person. She told them Monday morning that there was a surprise! :)

Kim had a lot of fun walking around with her after her class to introduce her to her co-workers. We love how much she is loved and we are so proud to be her parents :)

Valentines Day...

Addie with Mamaw and Papaw

This year for Valentines Day we were in Lincolnton. We had a great day. Adelyn was dressed up in her Valentine outfit that Nana gave her. She received lots and lots of love from us and her Grandparents (Daniel's parents, they don't have specific names yet) :) Kim kept Addie Sunday night so that Daniel and I could go out to dinner and a movie. It is always sooo great to be alone with Daniel and we had a great time, but I missed our little Valentine. I couldn't help but think last week how I can't wait until Addie gets older and can get excited with me about silly little holidays such as Valentines (as you can guess, Daniel, being a guy, isn't too in to V-Day). :)

Addie with uncle David :)
Just realized we didn't get any pictures of us with her or with Tim and Kim. :(

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Daniel and I have been trying to decide if we want to move into a larger single family home... well not if we want to but if we can just yet. We have decided to hold off for a while. I feel as though Adelyn's stuff is already taking over and she is only 3 months old. haha

Here is one of the pictures we took of our house to post online when we were thinking about selling.

Snow Day

We loved getting 5 inches of snow this past weekend. Saturday we just hung around the house all day (was not safe to drive) we bundled up and took Addie out for literally 2 minutes to get some pictures in the snow. Sunday was a much better day. The roads were a little clearer and it the sleet had stopped. I was so ready to get out of the house. We went over to Mom and Dad's had lunch with them and then went outside with Zoe, Kel, Micah and Dad to sled some. Mom stayed inside and snuggled with Addie. It was way to cold out for her. Can't wait to take her sledding next year.

Dad brought home from his office some sunglasses for Addie in case we needed them in the snow...and for the Bahama trip in May. I just had to try them on her. SHE IS A NUT!