Monday, April 12, 2010


Please click on the link below and vote for Adelyn! We entered her photo in the
Parent's Magazine 2010 Cover Contest.
They picked her as a finalist and now we need votes Yay!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Easter

This was Adelyn's first Easter... can I just say that she is so precious. It is crazy to watch how fast she is growing. So much personality already... the thing that stands out to me the most about her is how much she smiles... she really is always smiling. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around her cause she will just look at you and throw out this huge smile.
We are thankful to the Lord for His grace and for sending His Son to die on the cross and rise the third day. I celebrated Easter in a whole new way this year... praising Him for our beautiful new blessing. Zoe got a 3wheeler from Mom and Dad (late Christmas gift) and she loved it. Addie was trying it out too.

Micah and Addie.

Our family.

Addie and Granny Smith.

She was more interested in eating her Easter Basket :)

Caramel Face

Last Saturday morning on our way to watch Daniel play tennis we stopped by Kel, Micah and Zoe's house. Zoe had just opened her Easter Basket... she bit into a caramel cadbury egg her hair must have tickled her face because while she had a large string of caramel still attached to the egg hanging from her mouth she swooped her hand in front of her face and up into her hair. This is what happened....


Daniel was involved in a charity event through his work (First Citizens Bank) this past weekend. We were able to go watch him play for a little bit. Here are our self portraits.

He is in green on the left back corner.

It was at North Ridge Country Club. It was perfect for us to sit in the shade and watch. This was just before the crazy pollen hit.

Happy Bday Stephen

Snuggle time with Addie :)

Hanging out with 'Grandma'.

First piano lesson. :)

Sitting up!

Look at me... I can sit up!

Adelyn is doing really well sitting up on her own. She can sit without the boppy around her but she still throws herself back sometimes and will fall pretty hard. :)

She seems as though she is getting a little frustrated sometimes as if she wants to go go go.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cranberry Scone Recipe

Yum! I made these seriously good Cranberry Scones yesterday. They no longer carry the packaged form of scones I used to buy from Target. So I had been missing Cranberry Scones. I found a recipe online...made them and love them! Try them out... they are really simple.

100th Post!

Wow...I can't even believe this is my 100th post. So many beautiful pictures, funny moments, random thoughts have been recorded here and I couldn't be happier with where our family has come.
During my first post Daniel and I were just well ...Daniel and I. Just the two of us living in our first home together newly married and trying to figure out life together. :) Now we have the most amazing beautiful girl who is already 5 months old.
We live through really happy days, and challenging days and know that the Lord is by our side every step. I am so appreciative to have a husband who loves the Lord... we get excited together about our future. We have goals such as buying a single family home (with a little more room), me getting to stay home full time with Addie, raising Adelyn up in the Lord, vacationing as family, and many more.
Daniel has been such a great supporter for our family and I love that about him. I hardly ever hear him complain and he is such a hard worker. He is a great example to Adelyn and me in that way.
I hope you continue to enjoy Adelyn's monthly updates and any other tid bits of our life that make their way to the blog.
So cheers to post 100.
Many more to come...