Friday, February 8, 2013


I can't believe how big they look here. They had both just woken up from their naps and were eating a snack while watching peppa pig.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some of my Favorite Girls

We went out recently on my Mama's birthday to celebrate her. These girls do love their Nana.


I saw this at World Market and loved the style of it and then I read it and laughed. As a Mom that has nursed 2 girls for almost 12 months each I feel like I should hang this in my house. hahaha 

Water Break

Adelyn has started Soccer!!! Can you hear Daniel cheering through your computer/phone/ipad? She has taken ballet for almost 2 seasons now and we have always said we want her to try sports too. She was very interested in trying soccer so we signed her up for a Saturday morning class at the factory so that Daniel could join us. It's 50 minutes of running, games, learning to kick the soccer ball, and learning to listen to the coaches. She loves it but I do have to tell you her favorite part. As a girl myself I totally understood this. She told Daniel and Me after her first practice that her favorite part was when they all got in a circle, put their hands in and yelled, "WATER BREAK"..... I laughed so hard. 

Oh my little ballerina. 

Skinny Jeans

I saw this on Pinterest I think and just had to share because it makes me laugh. SO true. 

That Smile

Can't believe how big this girl is. This is her normal spot on the sofa where she drinks her milk every single morning as soon as her eyes are open. It's like her coffee. This picture in particular is when we were sharing hot chocolate after playing out in the snow. So, no she doesn't normally drink out of a mug on the sofa. ha

Too Sweet

Eva Says Don't Take My Food

Hahaha I love this picture. We have dear friend Seth, Anna, Everett, and Nolan. Everett and Adelyn are best buds. Adelyn says that she WILL marry Everett one day. Eva Grace and Nolan are just starting off their relationship since Eva is now mobile. Nolan was taste testing Eva's food here and she was not happy. 
LOVE them. 

 Even cuter than that though is that Everett has the biggest heart for Eva. As you can see below. Watch out, Adelyn! 

First Big Girl Hair Cut

Last week I decided it was time to finally give Adelyn a true haircut. Well I was too scared to do it myself so I asked my dear friend Brandi if she would (PS she's awesome at hair). I have only ever trimmed Adelyn's hair twice... EVER. And when I say trim, I mean dust off about a 1/8 inch to say I gave her a trim. 

Let's just say it was time. 

Adelyn sat so still and was worried that all of her "long hair like Tangled" would be cut off. I explained to her that it was a good thing. 

It looks so much fuller and healthier now. Thanks, Brandi! 

Eva Grace 9 Months Update

Eva is 9 months old (well she was back on November 24:)) !!! 

Eva, you are my tiny little girl. You may be tiny (6% to be exact)... but you have a precious opinion. You started crawling this month and you are getting more confident with that. You like to try to follow me and Adelyn around. You are eating mainly table food now broken up into little pieces. You like to sleep around 8pm and still wake up once at night (working on that). You still take two naps. One in the morning when Adelyn and I normally hang out together and one (hopefully at the same time as your sister) in the afternoon. You are starting to have a mouth full of teeth. 6 to be exact. Two on the top, 4 on the bottom. You still decide when you want to drink from a bottle. It's not something we can count on. You are nursing well still but your teeth are becoming an issue. ;) You get super excited when you see your Sissy. You love exploring and playing independently at times. You have started to wave (only when you want to) ha. You say "dada and mama". You have starting getting SUPER excited when Daddy comes home. You are more of a snuggler than Adelyn was and I LOVE it. You are my little Gracie, Gracie Face, Eva Diva. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adelyn Says the Sweetest Things

This morning while we (Daniel, Adelyn and i) were snugging in bed before we got up Adelyn said, "mom, we have the sweetest Daddy". I agreed with her and told her we could pray to God and thank Him for our sweet Daddy. She continued to ask how God made Daddy and I thought we were about to have to dodge talking about the birds and the bees ha but she starting asking to go downstairs for her milk.

I need to add more of her comments here because she says things all the time that I think, "I reallllly need to remember that".

Can't believe she is 3 & that our little Eva will soon be 1!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nap Time Canvases

I reopened my Etsy shop a few weeks back and have been having so much fun recreating charms, jewelry and canvases. Now that Eva Grace is a little older (can't believe she is almost 1!!!) I have a little more time to make things and it has been something I look forward to. Here are some of my canvases I have made. I love adding texture to them. I made my first couple of sales on etsy last week and I have to admit it was very exciting.