Monday, December 21, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1 Month Update

Adelyn was 1 Month old November 26th. She...
~weighed 9lbs 5oz and was 22 inches long.
~is wearing diaper size 1.
~ has started smiling really well when you talk to her or make faces at here.
~lost her belly button stub thingy and has the cutest belly button ever.
~is beginning to have better control over her arms/hands. She can bring them to her mouth now to suck on.
~loves bright objects and lights. She can focus on things really well now.
~talks a little, she coos and squeals. When she is hungry and is about to nurse she does this loud terradactyl scream. It's like she is saying, " I'm hungry and I want it NOW."
~bath time is becoming more of a calming experience rather than torture.
~she loves being carried in the baby bjorn and the sling. We normally use this for walks, or around 4 or 5 when I need to start dinner for Daniel. Around this time of day she wants to be held a lot.
~has fussy times, but normally can be calmed down. We are working on her being ok with being put down while she is awake. At times this doesn't bother her, but normally wants to be held.
~is nursing every 3 hours still during the day and is stretching it out to 4 to 5 hours at night! Praise God... can't wait for 6 and 7 hour stretches.
~has already had her first cold. She has had a stuffy nose off and on for two weeks. Just when we think it's going away...the boogies come back. We are using the humidifier in her room, so hopefully this is helping.
~has done well with her first bottles when Daniel and I go out on dates!
~is happiest in the morning. She wakes up smiling and is so fun to talk to. Whenever Daniel talks to her in the morning...she doesn't stop smiling. The other day right after he left she kept looking around the room and then stuck out her bottom lip really far. :( I think she was sad Daniel left.
~is still working on taking naps in her crib during the day. For some reason she knows the difference of napping on the sofa in the same room with me and being in her crib. Ugh.
~isn't too keen on stroller rides yet (when she is awake). She likes the stroller better that has her facing me.
~has started having tummy time. About 1/2 the time she is okay with it and the other 1/2 she screams the whole time. :)
~is holding her head up REALLY well.
~loves her first Christmas tree. She stares at the lights. (we will take photos soon)


On Thanksgiving Day Adelyn was 1 month old... can't believe it. Daniel and I had a great time visiting in Lincolnton and Atlantic Beach for the Thanksgiving holiday. Adelyn did so well traveling.
Adelyn with her great grandmother, Mamaw.
Adelyn's first time on the beach.

With Aunt Kel and Uncle Micah.

Zoe holding Adelyn.

Adelyn with Uncle Barry.

First Thanksgiving :)

Adelyn's Cousins:)

Addie's first friend.

Daniel and I have great friends in Seth and Anna. Their son's name is Everett. He is just over 4 months old now. Him and Adelyn are quite good friends and may even one day get married. :) haha

Here they are hanging out.

Bath Time

Adelyn is beginning to like bath time. We could not say the same when we first started bathing her:) The only thing she really HATES now is the two seconds she is out of the bath before she gets in the towel. She cries harder than ever! It makes me feel so sad for her, but as soon as she is warm in the towel she calms down.

Calm after her bath.

Bath time at Nana's.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Adelyn's Photo Shoots

We were excited to hear that Amanda (Daniel's cousin) and Amy (a neighbor) wanted to take photos of Adelyn once she was born. They are both photographers and got some really great shots of her while they were here. Adelyn cooperated pretty well for being 1 and 2 weeks old :) Here are a few pics.