Tuesday, May 22, 2012


They are already becoming friends:

Adelyn will try to include Eva in everything we are doing (reading books, playing on the floor, coloring, dancing...).

Eva excitedly/nervously watches Adelyn dance and run around the room. Sometimes if she is being fussy, Adelyn will go over to her and talk to her before I can make it over and it calms her down.

I love watching their relationship already begin before Eva is even 3 months old.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Michael's is a dangerous place...

So I was totally humbled and infuriated all in the same moment a couple weeks ago. I wanted to get out of the house because we had been stuck at home for a while when sweet Adelyn had strep, so we decided to make a run to Michael's (right up the street from us). I strapped Eva into the baby bjorn (she's happiest there these days when we are shopping), get Adelyn out of the car and walk in. We grab a cart (Adelyn is walking not riding), and head straight over to the front of the store near the packaging section. I'm looking to my right with my hand loosely on the shopping cart when I feel it jerk out of my hand. I look to my left and the cart has flipped on it's side and Adelyn is underneath!! Half of the contents of my loaded diaper bag were also spread out on the floor.

She had tried to step up on the side of the cart like she does at the grocery store or BJs. Poor little girl didn't realize the carts here are smaller and much lighter.

I knelt down the best I could with out throwing Eva out of the bjorn to lift the cart off of her leg. She is screaming crying. I was able to get her to calm down and made sure nothing was broken. She stands up and I start gathering my things off the floor. By this time I begin to look around and would you believe NO ONE has come to help. There were at least 3 people standing near by that were just acting like nothing had just happened. I was shocked!!!! Adelyn was hanging on my leg, hurting and embarrassed I'm sure when I tried to lift the cart off the floor, still trying not to dump Eva out of the carrier. After a couple attempts, I couldn't pick it up on my own and not hurt Eva so I finally said very loudly, "hang on Adelyn, let me see is someone in here can help us!" A girl quickly/mysteriously appeared right behind me and said, "oh do you need some help?". Bahahaha, YES!

I was just shocked because I think if I saw a mom with and infant in a carrier and her toddler has just ended up under a shopping cart on the floor that I would RUN to help.

Anyways that's my rant about our crazy shopping experience. Thank goodness most of them aren't this memorable.