Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Fun

 I was determined to make an advent this year instead of buying one. I found the idea online and made some adjustments but I think it turned out really well. Adelyn gets super excited to open her box everyday. My goal was to print out Bible verses to put in each box for us to read as well, but it has not happened yet. As of right now they just have candies in them.

Also... we had a gingerbread contest at work (side note: just found out today that I WON!). It was really fun creating my Christmas Tree Farm. Mom gave me the idea. I used her recipe for Cinnamon Bread Cookies. I baked large and small Christmas trees one day each with their own decorations and then put it together the second day. I already had the lights at home for Christmas decorations so I just stole them and used lollipop sticks for the poles. The snow is just icing with white sugar and white decorations on top. I used a edible pen to write on the signs. The patients and employees at our office were able to vote on them. Funny story: they told me that an older gentlemen came in and asked how much it cost to buy the Christmas Tree Farm. hahaha. I guess because he saw the sign that said "Christmas Trees For Sale". :) So cute.

I removed it from the baking pan of course and wrapped the battery pack with wrapping paper. 

Adelyn did help me with some cookies as well... but those did not make it into the contest :)

28 weeks

We had our ultrasound on Wednesday to check on little girl (name to be determined). She was measuring right on track. This was so amazing to hear. They said that she was breach but that it's nothing to worry about until 36 weeks. I also was very happy to pass my glucose test on the same day. We had a busy day a the doctor's office but Adelyn did really well. She loves seeing pictures of baby girl up on the screen. She still kept asking for stickers while we were in the room though (typical). :)

With out further ado. Here is our new little beauty. OH I CAN'T WAIT to meet her.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree Search

We had fun going to pick out our Christmas tree! We got ours at Lowes (where we got it last year because of the good price). Adelyn was interested in the wheel barrel. I took her for a couple of rides around the trees. She LOVED it. Then...she started getting restless because it took us a while to decide on a tree and it was COLD. What do you do when a toddler gets restless???...hand them your camera. She took probably about 30 pictures of everything. I need to post more of her photography. She is actually very good. She took this last one of me.

There was a young couple near us picking out a tree and I hear her say "cheese" and I look back at her and she is holding up the camera at the couple and telling them to say "cheese". I started laughing and asked her not to take a picture of them and while I was saying it, the sweet girl said "cheese". She was totally playing along with Adelyn. haha I kinda wish she had actually pressed the button so that I could show you.

We hope you are enjoying your Christmas season. I know we are. It is so fun telling Adelyn all about Christmas. She understands that Christmas is about Jesus' birth...but she is super excited about the decorations, Santa and presents. Wow it's so interesting now having the responsibility to make sure your child understands the meaning and doesn't worship the wrong things. I pray that she doesn't miss what it is about. It's fun watching her learn about giving to others as well. She gets excited about picking things out for our family but then also wants one for herself....lots to learn!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Girl Video

New Baby Girl

I can't believe I haven't posted photos of Baby Girl #2 (who still remains nameless) ;) We are working on that now. She LOVES moving around. Already getting some good kicks to the bladder and ribs. She move A LOT when Adelyn talks to her. It makes me melt. I have been feeling pretty well. This pregnancy is zooming by and I can't believe tomorrow I will be 25 weeks pregnant! Have we done anything to prepare yet??? Nope! I guess when your having a baby that is the same sex as your first you can take a little more time before preparing. She will be in our room in the crib and Adelyn will stay her own room. We will be getting her a true toddler bed soon. So no painting is necessary. I will update Adelyn's room a little to look more like a big girl room and will probably get new baby girl her own bedding, but that's about it! We are hoping to put our house on the market again in the spring, so we don't want to change to much, so that the house is ready to show.

Here she is!

1st Dental Visit

Adelyn had her first trip to the dentist this week. She was so great. The dental office was awesome. They did more of a show and tell first and let her touch everything before they started and she actually let her completely clean her teeth. When the dentist came in she kind of put her bottom lip out and her face got kind of red. When he laid her back she held my hand and then was fine. He was able to count her teeth and check her bite. She did not shed one tear. I was shocked and so proud of her.

She got to pick out a new tooth brush (Dora of course) and also a treat! She looked so proud walking out with her little goodie bag.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Home for the Holidays Basket!

Want to win these candles a A LOT more for Christmas time and help someone out in the process? Check out our friend's blog Help them as they begin their journey to adopt a sweet little girl.


Adelyn had the best time filling a shoe box for a little girl with Operation Christmas Child. We explained to her what we were doing and she was so excited. The very first thing she said was that she wanted to give her stickers!!!! She kept asking over and over "Was her name?" She wanted so baldy to know her name. I wish I could have told her.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cotton The Bunny

So we met "Cotton" the bunny when we went to GanyardHill farms at the beginning of October. Adelyn loved her and wanted to take her home. While we were at the farm we were able to pick our own cotton from a field! She loved doing this and I was trying to think of a creative way to use the cotton....since we don't know how to weave our own shirt...I decided to help her make "cotton" the bunny as a craft. She loved it!

The eye is a coffee bean.

Again we have bedhead (plus a hair clip).

Puzzle Time

Adelyn LOVES this puzzle that her Mimi bought for her. She normally puts it together with our help...well today I left her alone for a few minutes after she had put the first two pieces in. I walked back into the room and she was putting the last piece in all by herself. I couldn't believe it! She was so proud. (she is still in her PJs with bedhead :))

Turning 2 in 1 week!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dance Class

So proud of Adelyn today. She was invited by her friend Emerson to visit her dance class. We were excited to go but I was anxious to see how she did because she is really dealing with separation anxiety right now. In the class, the little girls dance with just the instructor and the parents are out in the waiting area. She was very excited watching the older girls in the first class finish up. They were dancing with ribbons and she got very excited. She walked right in with Emerson holding her hand but when she turned around and saw that I wasn't coming she started crying so hard. I told her it was okay and introduced her to the teacher and told her I would be right at the door (she could see my through the door). She was not having that so the instructor said I could sit inside the class. For the first 5-10 minutes she kept getting closer and closer to the other girls and finally went and joined in. I knew she would love it and she did!! She starting holding hands, participating and following directions. She got to dance with the ribbons at the end and got a sticker. I am so glad Emerson invited her. I was almost teary eyed (pregnancy hormones) watching her dance and be a big girl. I remember going to dance class and how much I loved it. It was a special memory.

Movement! (older post)

Daniel felt baby move for the first time last night (10/11/11). My heart was overflowing with joy. It is neat when he is finally able to have some type of connection with our little baby girl/boy. :) Only 9 more days until we find out!!!

Adelyn talks to baby and kisses my belly almost every day with out us prompting her.

Belly Pic 19 weeks. ( I know this is sad that this is the only belly pic I have taken so far.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Do Gain, Dad"

Farm Day

My friend Amy told us about an event they were having at a farm near Brier Creek last Saturday. It is a small family farm that welcomed people for the day (FOR FREE) to check out their animals and country store. They had live music, food and fun stuff for kids to see. Adelyn had her first overnight guest the night before (Everett :)), so we decided to bring him along and go check out the farm. Seth, Anna, & Nolan joined us as well. Adelyn also got to see Emerson, Ezra, Mark and Amy!! She was in heaven! She loves animals, but right now likes some of them better from far away. haha

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Sound

Here is baby's heartbeat at 16 weeks. I can't believe we will find out in 20 days what we are having!!!!!!! I have yet to take a belly picture. I will post one soon. We are still REALLY far away from picking out a name. Adelyn has already gotten so excited about baby though. She will come up to me when I'm sitting down, lift my shirt, kiss my belly and says "whatcha doin baby?". :)


Mamaw and Papaw gave Adelyn an early card for her Birthday (Oct 26th). I LOVED her response to finding cash in her card. :)

An early love for the piano.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Sweet Little Almost 2 Year Old... going to be a big sister!

Daniel and I found out back in July. We are now finished with our first trimester (15 weeks) which is very exciting! The baby is due March 5th. We will find out near the end of October what we are having. Oh I can't wait to find out, it's killing me. We are praying for a healthy baby most importantly. We feel so blessed to have another baby added to our family. Adelyn is super excited and even though I just started showing she will run up to me and hug my tummy and say "giving baby a hug". She just melts me.

Here is a picture of our little peanut. I can't believe it but I think I have already felt a flutter or two. :)

Already in love.

Motherhood is a Calling...

Mother's, please read. This is so amazing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Adelyn's New Friends

Megan and Wayne came to visit a couple weeks ago and Addie was super excited. She talks about it constantly until they arrive. Didn't get a photo of Megan and me. I didn't think to have her hold Wayne either, but we loved the visit.

Katie and Hudson were able to come visit this week. Addie gets so excited whenever she gets to see newborn/little babies. She just loves them and is surprisingly very gentle. This isn't the best view of them but I love seeing her hold him.

Beautiful Lois

She is getting so big! Here she is at the beach labor day weekend with her Mommy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Summer Beach Trip...

This is what we will be doing this weekend...

More blog updates to come !!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adelyn Dancing with Jessica (on Skype)

Please excuse my singing. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet (old) Father's Day picture.

Uh oh!

The heat hasn't killed us...

We are still here. We have had a busy summer so far. I am sick of the heat. Today's "cool down" was extra special. I need to catch up on our summer with some pictures! Adelyn is doing really well. Officially potty trained with the exception of a few accidents here and there. She is no longer wearing diapers at nap time or bedtime and she has only had once accident! I am so proud of her.

We have been traveling to the beach, going to the pool, playing at the playground, watering the flowers, reading, movies, rhyme time at the library, $1 movies at the theater here in Brier Creek, visiting with family and friends, welcoming lots of friend's new baby boys and such.

Adelyn is at such a sweet age. While we are now beginning to struggle with her strong personality (running the other direction when we call and tantrums), she have been so loving. She will randomly come up and hug us or kiss us on the lips. She loves saying "miss you, mommy or daddy". She thinks that it is the same as "I love you" I think.

So here are some pictures to catch you up:

Boating with Papa!

Driving the boat.

Excited about the boat but then asked... "all done?" the last 20 minutes. :)

4th of July outfit

Pool at Pops and Mema's.

Her Addie splashing frantically with her mouth wipe open. Typical.

Beach time with Daddy.

Making doughnuts with Zoe! Yum.

Marbles with the girls.

Sweet Lois.

Adelyn loves her some Everett!