Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Adelyn

It's been way too long since I have done an update on our sweet Adelyn. She is growing so fast. She will be 3 in October and I can't even believe it. Adelyn has been adjusting well to moving... we moved almost 2 weeks ago and she has been just as happy as a lark. I will post on moving soon. She loves her new room and can't wait for us to paint it PINK. She talks non stop, laughs and is super silly a lot. She makes us laugh all of the time and still loves Eva to death. She wants to be near Eva most of the time. She gets excited when she wakes up in the morning or from naps. She helps with her a lot too. She likes to "help" me change her diapers sometimes and loves talking to her and making her smile. Often she tries to help her roll over and that scares me a little. Thank goodness she doesn't try to pick her up. 

Her favorite things: 
Books - she loves for you to read to her and pretends to read some on her own too 
Snacks - she loves what we call "squeezy fruit" and popcorn
Dress up - if she's not dressing up she always has a skirt on
Stickers, Band aids and Playing with her hair bows:)
Playing doctor - she will ask you to lay on the ground and she will pull out her doctor kit and "check you". 
Music and Dancing - still loves her music player. We will be trying out a new dance studio tomorrow here in wake forest for ballet.
Playing chase with Eva- we hold Eva and let her face out and run after Adelyn. Addie loves it and Eva does too. Normally they both squeal the whole time.
Movies - Disney movies, Veggie Tales, Angelina Ballerina 
Swimming - she loves swimming, just the other day she used her puddle jumper float and was brave enough and let me let go of her a little
Baking - she loves to help in the kitchen with whatever we are doing
Her new thing is asking why the Lord made the clouds, trees or ___ you name it. Love that she thinks about it often.

Side notes: She is doing well with the potty still. She can go by herself and just needs for us to come wipe her. She still takes a good nap in the afternoon around 1:30 or 2 for 2-3 hours. She goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up around 7 every morning. 

Above all Adelyn is so sweet like it says in the blog post title. She is so quick to give hugs and kisses and to tell you that she loves you. She often says, "Mom (or Dad), you're the best Mom (or Dad) ever!". It never gets old hearing that even if she is being a goof.