Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what?!?!?!

We are pregnant!
Our due date is October 20th, also happens to be the day of our two year anniversary! (do not let the picture below mislead you, we are not having twins, we just don't know wether we are having a boy or a girl yet:))
We are at 15 weeks, please keep us in your prayers. The Lord has already taught us so many things through this amazingly exciting time and we can see how He has had His plan from the begining!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Biltmore Estate

This past weekend we went to the Biltmore Estate with The Ward family + Landon (Jessica's BF from California). I only have two photos from this trip because my camera was dying. Jessica please send over some pics when you get a chance:)

Zoe Jane Turns 2

A Birthday and a Baby Shower

We celebrated Megan MacDonalds brithday this year by going out to Firebirds!

Here are som1e pictures from Megan Wagenhauser's Baby Shower. She looks so beautiful as a pregnant lady!:)

New Years Eve

We had a blast here at the house New Years Eve but we did miss Nate and Megs!

Christmas Time at Home

Citizen of the Year

The very next weekend we traveled back to the beach for a black tie dinner where my grandfather (Pops) won the Citizen of the Year award! This was a very special night and we enjoyed celebrating this great honor with our family.

Rainbows and Snow

This past month (January) I was amazed at the Lord's beautiful creation. One day I was driving home from work when I saw this HUGE rainbow across the sky. It was so amazing, I couldn't believe other people weren't pulling off of 40 just to take a long look at it. I was able to pull over for a mintute and take some pictures and then as I got back on 40 I continued to take pictures while driving...eeeek. I wouldn't suggest it.

Immediately following the rainbow was a beautiful sunset.

Also in January we made our annual trip to the beach for Mom, Micah and Kelli's Bday!

The day after we returned home from the beach THE SNOW CAME!!! Daniel had to go into work :( I was glad not to be at work that day but was pouting because I was all by myself until 3 when he returned home. :)

This last photo was of the icicles that were hanging from Kellie and Micah's house.