Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Potty Training { Eva Grace }

Potty training Eva did not prove to be as easy as it was with her sister... in fact I feel like we still are potty training and it's been since April 1! In fact... I'm not kidding when I say I just had to hop up and clean poop out of her panties because as I type this I heard her saying from the play room, "Mommy, don't say gross, okay?". Oh my. Any ways... We started on April 1 with the princess toilet seat top and she kept saying that it hurt and she would have red marks on her legs. She is so tiny she was even falling through that. By 9am we had had like 3 accidents. I had yet to successfully get her to actually pee in the toilet at all by lunch so I decided it was time to run to Walmart and purchase a small potty. She is currently into Frogs and I was so excited to find that Walmart had a froggy potty for I think $10! Eva was even more excited than me and she held it like it was a stuffed animal.

We got home, tried it out and wallah! She peed I think the first time I set her on it. From there it was a battle for a few days. I had to take her every 20/30 min. I'm not very good at staying home for a few consecutive days so I would put a diaper on her when we got in the car but would still constantly take her. She has surprised me and has never had an accident out. We definitely did candy treats. She LOVES sixlets and would get one for every successful trip. We still do diapers at nap occasionally and at night time. I'm waiting a little while longer until she wakes up dry more consecutively. She is so cute she runs into the bathroom and says, "hey froggy, how ya doing?". 

Many many accidents but we are getting there and I am so proud of her and even more excited that she will be finished with diapers before we break out the newborn diapers again! Big little girl!! I know that if I had tried this later in pregnancy I would not have been able to do it because of the constant up and down off of the floor and the extra energy needed. It wore me out! 

There was one day when Eva said she needed to go pee pee (we were upstairs) and Adelyn said I will take her. I was finishing what I was doing and just said, okay. Next thing I know (like 1 minute later) I hear Adelyn say, "Big girl, what a big poop"! I ran in there expecting to find the worst and Adelyn had pulled Eva's panties down and lifted her up on the big potty by herself and Eva had pooped! After that I told Adelyn she was in charge of potty training.