Tuesday, September 29, 2009

37 weeks!!! The waiting game begins...

Just wanted to announce we made it to Full Term! Today we are officially 37 weeks. I am overwhelmed to think that just this past February we found out we were pregnant and now we are days away from having this little girl join our family. I love her so much already. I love her little face, her little hands and feet... even though I cannot see them. I have another check up tomorrow and can't wait to hear if we have made more progress. Last Thursday we were at 1cm! Our checklist is becoming smaller and smaller and my bags are packed. Now we play the waiting game. Daniel and I just can't wait!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh my...

This was a few months back... Megan and Jenni were trying to get Adelyn to move by singing to her. The hardest part was trying not to laugh because then they couldn't tell if she was moving or not. Can you imagine this going on and not laughing...don't think so. :) Thanks to Katie for her videography! Can't wait for them to get to play with her in person and sing to her and make her laugh... ahhhh so excited!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daniel's Bday, Love him, Parenting and Haircut!

We celebrated Daniel's B~day on Sunday. He turned 26! We woke up and went to Panera for breakfast with our friends Seth, Anna and little 5 week old Everett. Then to visit at the Summit for church. We then headed to lunch with Mom, Dad, Granny & Caleb and Kelli. We ate at The Point in Five Points. Daniel loves this place for brunch. From there we went to the Golfsmith. Daniel's bday gift from me was a gift card from there so he could buy a new putter that he has been wanting. We headed home for a nap and then to dinner at Tobacco Road on Glenwood Ave. Great place!! The food there was really good with fresh local ingredients. David, Austin and Nia joined us back at our house for cake and ice cream. It was a full day but we had lots of fun celebrating Daniel's birthday.

Can I just take this moment to say that Daniel is great. I really don't know what I would do without him. The Lord truly blessed me with what I didn't/don't deserve. He is always so strong for me when I need him to be strong. He has a more quiet spirit but so wise at the same time. When I need him to look me in the eyes and tell me that everything will be ok during this anxious time of my life...he does with such purity and encouragement. He always reminds me no matter what we are going through that we are in it together and that we need to rely on the Lord because we simply can't do it on our own.

We just started reading "Sacred Parenting" by Gary Thomas...
"The process of parenting is one of the most spiritually formative journeys a man and a woman can ever undertake. Unless we are stone-cold spiritually- virtually spiritual corpses- the journey of caring for, raising, training, and loving children will mark us indelibly and powerfully. We cannot be the same people we once were; we will be forever changed, eternally altered. Spiritually speaking, we need to raise children every bit as much as they need us to raise them. "

I got a haircut last week. It was time to cut the long hair...or was it... my pregnancy emotions can't decide. Haha.... oh well... it's just hair. Here is a picture of Daniel's bday night.

Week 34 and 35

Daniel and I are doing well and getting close to being ready for little girl to get here. I think the nursery is almost ready (I will post pictures soon). I started packing my hospital bag yesterday! Crazy to think! I at least started to gather the things that we don't use all of the time. I feel just really tired these days and eager to let the Lord lead us through this new, fun, exciting, scary, and huge transition. Please pray for me to have peace during this next month.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What did you say to me?

So over the past couple of months I have had an abundance of random comments from strangers about my being pregnant. When you are pregnant everyone feels the need to comment on the fact that you are pregnant. There are the usual comments like "How far along are you?", which really don't seem to bother me. It makes me smile and I politely respond. There are other comments (reason for this post) that have made me later break out into laughter or frustration and wonder what the person was thinking. So I thought you may get a kick out of some of the comments... I will add and update as I remember more or better yet receive more comments.

1) "Wow you look like you're about to pop". hmm. creative... I should note this comment was when I was just really starting to show... comforting huh. I was thinking hey don't say that I have 3 months to go.

2) As an sweet older lady walked into the clinic where I work the other day, I stood up to walk towards her and greet her as I said "How may I help you?". She looked down at my belly and stopped mid sentence and said "You're going to have a baby, how can I help YOU?" haha, I said... "oh I am just fine. Thanks."

3) This past week the common comment has been (before they say anything else to me) "Well at least the weather has cooled down for you". This is very true. It's just funny that everyone feels sympathy for you.

4) From a man that came into our clinic... "There is just something beautiful about a pregnant woman." creeper haha

5) Another creepy comment from a man that was in our clinic... "I am not trying to hit on you, I just wanted to tell you that there is something about a pregnant woman's eyes... I can tell by looking at your eyes if you are having a boy or girl. You are having a girl right?" hahha WHAT? I said. "Yes, actually, wow that's interesting, well have a good night."

6) "When are you due?" I responded, "next month". "Wow you DO NOT look like you are due next month." LOVE those encouraging comments. Maybe we won't have a 10lb. + baby like Daniel. :)

That's it for now... when people ask if I am pregnant or how far along I am, I am still tempted to say (just for fun) "0h I am not pregnant". Wonder what they would say... haha.