Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet (old) Father's Day picture.

Uh oh!

The heat hasn't killed us...

We are still here. We have had a busy summer so far. I am sick of the heat. Today's "cool down" was extra special. I need to catch up on our summer with some pictures! Adelyn is doing really well. Officially potty trained with the exception of a few accidents here and there. She is no longer wearing diapers at nap time or bedtime and she has only had once accident! I am so proud of her.

We have been traveling to the beach, going to the pool, playing at the playground, watering the flowers, reading, movies, rhyme time at the library, $1 movies at the theater here in Brier Creek, visiting with family and friends, welcoming lots of friend's new baby boys and such.

Adelyn is at such a sweet age. While we are now beginning to struggle with her strong personality (running the other direction when we call and tantrums), she have been so loving. She will randomly come up and hug us or kiss us on the lips. She loves saying "miss you, mommy or daddy". She thinks that it is the same as "I love you" I think.

So here are some pictures to catch you up:

Boating with Papa!

Driving the boat.

Excited about the boat but then asked... "all done?" the last 20 minutes. :)

4th of July outfit

Pool at Pops and Mema's.

Her Addie splashing frantically with her mouth wipe open. Typical.

Beach time with Daddy.

Making doughnuts with Zoe! Yum.

Marbles with the girls.

Sweet Lois.

Adelyn loves her some Everett!