Friday, August 28, 2009

Coming up...

Soon Daniel and I will...
~Travel to the beach for Labor Day weekend (our last trip out of town as a family of 2)
~Celebrate our Anniversary/Babymoon... we will be spending a night out in Raleigh and stay at the awesome Renaissance at North Hills!
~Go to our Preparing for Childbirth class :)
~Celebrate Daniel's Birthday!!!
~Finish the nursery (pictures will follow)

32 Weeks

So here we are at 32 weeks... I can't believe we have come this far so fast. I feel like things are going really well... Praise the Lord. We are just getting more and more excited to meet our little girl. We have been working, preparing the house, I find myself cleaning or organizing something almost every day. I want things to be perfectly ready for her so bad. :) As if she will even know...ha. I think all she will care about is having me and her daddy close by. :)
I had a doctors visit yesterday. Everything is going well. My health was still good and I got to hear her heartbeat (while she moved the whole time) :). My tummy measured correctly and the doctor said she was head down already! She is getting ready to go!

Can I just say I think about Fall coming soon EVERY DAY. I love the Fall weather. That is partly why Daniel and I got married in the fall, and now we will have our first baby in the fall! I am dreaming of the cooler weather. I love the sunny days, with crisp air, no pollen, pumpkins outside having the windows open, Daniel watching football, jeans, layering clothes (will be interesting to see what I will be able to wear this fall:)), first hot chocolate, the fair. Don't know if we will make it to the fair this year... :) I just can't wait. This fall will be extra special. We will be holding little Adelyn Elizabeth in our arms, on or about October 20th. We are truly blessed.

Here is a belly pick at 32 weeks... this was a relaxed night at home. I keep forgetting to take a pic when we are dressed nice ready to go somewhere. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Shower

We had a wonderful time last Sunday at our first baby shower. We were so humbled by every one's love and generosity! We received so many amazing gifts... both of the strollers we registered for, our play yard... lots of GORGEOUS clothes and sentimental gifts. We were so excited to spend that time with our families and receive these special gifts for Adelyn. Here are a few pics.

Kellie and little Kellie :)

The cake Mom made and Dad decorated! ;)

Adelyn Elizabeth's Nursery

We have finally made great progress in little girl's nursery and I am so excited. Yesterday I spent some time washing her clothes and linens so that they would be ready to put in her new drawers and crib! It was surreal doing this... it calms me down to organize and prepare things for her when I get anxious about all of the new things to come. Here are the guys (Daniel, Landon and Dad) putting together her crib after a game of golf :)

Soon to be Dad working on the crib. Oh and you can see my diaper bags in the background. The brown and green one will be my everyday bag...and the metallic one my Aunt Donna got me for more dressy occasions! It is AWESOME! I love her bedding!

Here is a better picture of the painted walls. Soon there will be a little bookshelf there.
Thanks to her cousin Zoe Jane, she already has lots of clothes. Some here have been handed down and some are new. :)She already has a good collection of dresses/sweaters too!
This is her dresser that we got at the Pottery Barn Outlet.
This is the book Kellie made Adelyn for the Baby Shower... it has blank scrap book pages for everyone to be able to write Adelyn a little note. It was so precious reading. I can't wait for her to be able to read it one day. Also in this picture is her new nightlight.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


After much thought and discussion, I am proud to announce Baby Girls Name...

Adelyn Elizabeth

Pottery Barn Outlet

So.... to all of you who love Pottery Barn but just can't bring yourself (like me) to spend money on most of their non sale items... the Pottery Barn Outlet is the answer!!!! Daniel and I had planned to travel to Lincolnton this past weekend for Jessie Devine's wedding and while we were there made a trip to Gaffney,SC to visit the PBO. We really had been dying to go there to see what we could find for Baby Girl's nursery. I had the best time because I have never seen Daniel, yes MY husband so excited to go shopping. :):) Haha. He is all about a good deal, so I guess since it was an outlet he was stoked. He was ready to be there when the doors openened that Saturday and you would have thought they had announced a Final Closeout sale where people would be rushing in and grabbing things off the shelf. He told me the night before we could get starbucks that morning cause there was one right on that same exit....well as we were pulling off the interstate and it had just turned 10am... he said are you sure you want starbucks first... ha:) He was really eager to get there! We walked in and did the quick overlook and he made me stand by one dresser we found so that he could go ask about it. I was like guarding the dresser and there were maybe 3 people in the store (it's a BIG store).... :) Anywho... we ended up buying the dresser for the nursery and a new coffee table for our living room. :) We were very excited and overwhelmed after making those big decisions. I was able to get a couple of cute decorative things for her room there as well. I will post pictures soon.

So yeah... go to the PBO... they have great prices and a HUGE selection.

29 Weeks Today

So I don't have an updated Belly pic... hopefully I will get one this week. All I can say is she is getting really big and strong. Her movements are so strong now. She actually woke me up the other morning kicking around. I had my latest Dr's appointment on Friday. Everything was going really well. I had my glucose test, where you get to drink the yucky sweet drink and then they draw your blood to make sure your blood sugar is ok. I PASSED. I was sooo happy because if you don't pass you have to go back and do like a three hour test and possibly can be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Her heartbeat was really strong and everything else seems to be going well. I have been feeling really good this month, other than getting hot super easy! Praise the Lord for airconditioning. I am starting to get more and more anxious about delivery and meeting little girl. I just become overwhelmed with fear and excitment and have to pray to the Lord and be reminded that He is in control and I am not. :) Please keep praying for our health during the last 10 weeks.

Mema's 80th Birthday Celebration

Two weekends ago we celebrated my Mema's Birthday in Raleigh. We went to Firebirds at NorthHills for dinner and then hung out in their suite at the Regency in NorthHills. :) We really enjoyed the night and know that Mema did as well. Here are some photos from that night!