Monday, April 16, 2012

Adelyn's 2 year update! (at 2 1/2) :)

Adelyn Elizabeth

Stats from 2 Year check up: Length 36 1/4 inches 97%, Weight 32 lbs 95%, Head 19 1/2 97 %

Our sweet 2 year old girl,

As daddy and I watch you play and talk lately we have both said how we will miss this age greatly. You learn something new every single day. I feel like there isn't much that you couldn't be shown how to do or say. You make us laugh all of the time. There are times where you just make me melt and I can't take how much I love you.

You love:

Talking and pretending, you are constantly asking what something is, or why/how it works a certain way. You can sing your ABCs and count to about 15. You have learned 2 memory verses.

Dancing!!! Your favorite thing right now is to turn on the Disney music on pandora and just dance. You ask at the beginning of every song "what's this one, mama?" you normally want to put on a skirt to dance. You can now go up to your room on your own and will pick one out and put it on by yourself. You also always ask whoever is in the room to dance with you. You like to spin and work on your dance moves (like the pliƩ). You started your ballet classes in January, thanks to Mema and Pops! You absolutely love it. You do so well following direction. I love watching you in the class. After every class we have a little tradition of going to get ice cream at McDonald's. We bring it home and you put sprinkles on it.

Singing, every night when we sing you sing along with us. You know most of the words, or make your own version of them. You like being silly and singing songs in different voices with me (like a baby, or a boy).

Dress up! You love to put on your dresses, crowns and ribbons and tell me which princess you are. Tangled is your favorite right now.

Taking pictures. Wether it's with my phone or camera you could take picture all day long (and you are really good at it too).

Helping in the kitchen. You love to help me bake/cook. I love when you help me!! You normally sit on the counter or stand in a chair.

Being outside, going on walks, playground, walking to get the mail in your wagon, blowing bubbles, playing with your water cart, or drawing with chalk.

Coloring, but you like painting and using scissors or glue better.

You always want mommy and daddy to tuck you in. If one of us reads to you and sings, because the other is now with Eva grace, you have us leave the door cracked and we will come in and kiss you goodnight. Before Eva Grace we always both put you to bed, so you have adjusted well. You love talking about the stars on your ceiling and singing twinkle twinkle. You like to play with the shadows on the wall. When we pray at night, you always ask to pray for family and friends individually and princesses of course. You always give lots of hugs and kisses and when we leave the room you blow kisses the whole time. We always go in and look at you at night when we go to bed. You are normally sleeping super hard with your mouth wide open and covers kicked off. We cover you up, give you a kiss then go to bed.

You started sleeping in your big girl bed in January. (you were in your crib/toddler style for a few months before that). You do really well without the bed rails, unlike we thought because you move around so much. When you wake up in the morning you still call out for us until we come in your room. :) you'll say, "mama, mama, daddy, daddy, tima get uuuup". :) when we go in you act all snuggly and normally tell us what you've been thinking about and then you ask for your milk and vitamin.

Painting your nails. You sit so well while watching a movie and I paint your nails and toenails. You typically request the sparkly color or pink.

You love to try to buckle your own car seat. You always want a snack and drink in the car.

You love movies. If there is a movie on... You WILL ask for popcorn.

You can open the refrigerator on your own now and will often ask for a juice box.

You still don't like getting dirty and like to keep things neat and clean at home for the most part.

Eating: you love snacking and you love sweets (something we have to keep minimal). Favorite food: grilled chicken. Sometimes you still need our help eating and we need to work on you using a big girl cup more often.

Sleep: You still take one good nap after lunch around 2ish. You sleep for 2-3 hours. At night you are in bed between 8-9 and sleep until 7am.

Today you said, "when I'm 3, I will be big like Zoe, and I can do like 'dis in the swing"? Then you threw your head back as far as she could. :) You can't wait until your birthday again... But I don't want my little 2 year old to grow up! Thanks for brightening every single one of my days.

What we have been up to:

Visiting Family.

Planting flowers.  

Rhyme time. 

A trip to the beach for Easter (bummed I didn't get a family picture of us on Easter).

Snuggle time. 

First errands out with the two girls. 

Visited Daddy at work. 

Working in the kitchen. 


Farm Days!

First trip out to eat as a family of 4. 

A trip to Lincolnton for Stephen's 30th birthday!

Strawberry picking (with Jessica and Andrew). 

More time outside. 

Trying to capture more of these smiles. 

Dress up with Adelyn. 

And more time outside...