Thursday, August 13, 2015

Caroline Annie is 1!

Sweet little Caroline is ONE! On the blog she only has a birth story and a 2 month update. There is so much more I want to share about this sweet little gal. Here are some updates and photos from her 1st year celebration.

Okay this one is from the night before she turned one. The coloring is horrible but I had to keep this to remember her last night as a baby. 

The morning of her day. We sang Happy Birthday to her as a family. 

Big girl. 

 My celebrating partner in crime. 

She looks so big in this photo with her Nana. 

Eva enjoying the party. 

Digging in. She didn't need a spoon like her older sisters. 

Present time. She was so happy with every present she received! She hugged them and kissed them. 


Daddy time. 

Kissy face. 

Her new swing! 

Caroline Annie Updates:
She sleeps through the night. Normally wakes up around 5am to nurse and goes back to sleep. She nurses just before bed too.
8/12- has 4 teeth on bottom and 4 on top all of a sudden. Still taking only 1-2 steps.
7/14/15 Tooth left of two bottom & two top teeth.
6/25/15 First step!!!
5/2015 Love how Eva says to C "hey my dahlin". Love how C pulls away from nursing and does her backwards wave at me like she's saying hey, Mommy. Second tooth bottom right.
4/8 First tooth! Bottom left.
4/4/15 Just thinking of you and how stinking cute you are and how I don't want you to get big. You crawl so fast now and pull up on anything. When I take you to bed at night you lay your head on my shoulder with your paci in your mouth. I sing "Jesus loves me" kind of silly and bounce ... If I stop bouncing you move your body in a bouncing motion to try to get me to bounce as you smile. You love open mouth kisses on my cheek (not daddy's because of his beard). You get SO excited when you see your sisters and always try to keep up with them.
7/8 months: sits up on her own, crawling, starting to pull up, saying dada, lala with her tongue way out, smiles do easily, breaths heavily and smiles when she's excited, eating baby food 2x day with puffs, mum mums and started finger foods like banana, peas, green beans, still no teeth. Wakes up 1-2 at night to nurse...because I let her. Started bathing with the girls. Gets excited to be around A and E. Hair getting more blonde. When she wakes up loves to snuggle and talk in our bed in the morning. Knows what she wants. Cries likes she's physically injured if she doesn't get it.:)
6 months: pushes up on knees like she will crawl, pushes up to plank, almost trying to sit up by herself, likes eating puffs, yogurt melts and mum mums, loves baby food at dinner time. Takes 3 naps, sleeps from7/8 to 7 but wakes up twice to nurse still.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Caroline's Birth Story

 Thursday 7/24 started having contractions around 3am- they continued through the day but they were very sporadic (every 20 then every 45 min). Daniel went into work and mom came over to hang out with me and the girls. Daniel kept checking in all day. The girls and I just played and I kept finishing cleaning things up. We went out with Nana to get iced coffee and slushies. Around dinner time the contractions got a little more painful. At 8 or 9pm Daniel was going to go to Harris Teeter and mom was still here so I decided to go with him. Right when we got there I had to lean over the cart and had a really bad one. At that point I thought it was a bad idea to not be at home. We got essentials that we needed and headed home to get the girls in bed. I relished in their bed time that night because I knew it might be the last as just the 2 of them. We read books and snuggled.

 We called Kellie around this time too and she started heading over. Mom stayed until she got here. Daniel and I had a few minutes of time to ourselves then he went to bed to try to get some sleep around 11pm. The contractions were 10 minutes apart. Kellie and I hung out until around 2am trying to get my contractions to get closer than 10 minutes, we watched tv and a movie together. I tried everything, constantly standing and going up and down the stairs. Kellie timed them for me and was a good coach. It was fun to have that time together. At 2am we couldn't get the contractions closer than 10 minutes apart so we decided to go to bed. I continued to have contractions but they weren't consistent. Around 5/6 am they started back up at 10 minutes apart even with me trying to sleep. I woke Daniel up called the doctor and Dr. Watson told us to start making our way in. We told Kel we were leaving. She soon after sent me this picture of the girls. 

 We drove to the doctor but when we got there the contractions had spread out to 15 minutes. So we walked around the parking lot for a little while and then went to triage. They hooked me up and checked me. Dr Inge came in to check me around 8:30am and said that I was still 3cms and my cervix was very posterior. In other words not much progress had been made. I was bummed and scared that he would send me home. He was gracious and said that he would go check on another patient and give us some time. Around 9:30 we walked around the L&;D hall trying to get things to pick up more. Around 10:30am they started picking up. I got back in the bed and hooked up to the monitors. My contractions at that point were stronger and about 5 minutes apart. We started waiting on Dr. Inge to come back to check on us. Around this time I was in a lot of pain and already thinking epidural. Mom and Dad came in to check on us and to bring Daniel breakfast. During this time Daniel was so encouraging except for the moment I find him twirling around on a doctor stool while I was about to have a contraction.;) But seriously he was amazing as usual. Patient with me and always so calm. Dr. Inge came in at 11:30 and didn't even check me because I think he could clearly tell by my tears and non-social attitude that I was in active labor. He said, "well let's admit you". They started the process to admit me, start my IV and draw my blood to see if I could have the epidural (blood platelets). I was sooooo ready for the epidural. At this point they were 3-5 minutes apart. I've never made it this far into labor without an epidural and was feeling like I was not going to make it. ;) I'm sure it helped me progress faster though. Praise The Lord my platelets were where they needed to be and she started setting up for the epidural and called the anesthesiologist. It was 12:30pm when I got it and that last hour was like a blur. I do remember angrily hitting the nurse call button after a contraction asking where the girl from lab was to draw my blood. I think I also said to Daniel that #3 was it for us. After I got the epidural (which is always a fun process) I was almost immediately comfortable. Praise The Lord. The nurse checked my blood pressure and it started dropping immediately just like it did with Eva. She kept checking back to back and it was lower each time. So she gave me ephedrine and it brought it back up and it didn't happen again. I was able to rest, watch a little HGTV, hang out with Daniel. He read a little and I slept off and on.

At 2:30pm Dr. Inge came back in and checked me and I had progressed a lot. I was 7/8cms, he broke my water and said it wouldn't be long! There was meconium so they called special care nursery to make sure she was okay and cleaned out well. Around 3:30pm the left side of my epidural was wearing off. She tried adding more medication and it didn't work. I was breathing through them again and around 4:10pm they discovered I was 10 cms and she had me do a practice push. Dr. Inge came back in and set up. I pushed for only 10-15 minutes and she was born! I felt a lot of pressure and was aware of everyone but didn't have pain. As soon as she can out she had a strong cry. I immediately saw her lips and thought, "it's Adelyn!". They told us right away that she looked great and was strong. She kept pooping on the guy cleaning her up. Daniel and I were in awe again of the Lord's goodness. I wanted to hold her so bad. They cleaned her a little and then brought her right over to me and put her on my chest. I remember putting my face on hers to get her to stop crying. She was so so precious and I couldn't believe what I had waited for for so long was here! I couldn't wait for the girls to meet her and to know her name. At this point we had not told anyone the name since we had decided just a week or 2 before.

Name: Caroline Annie
Date: 7/25/14
Time: 4:25pm
Weight: 7'7

We called up grandparents and soon after that big sisters came in! Stephen and Kellie were there also. Kellie had the girls and brought all of them. When the girls came in they were so precious. Adelyn just had a look of awe on her face and Eva was so interested and grinning. They loved looking at her and smiled when we told her name. They couldn't take their eyes off of her. Zoe and Lois were there too and were so excited. We all sang happy birthday to Caroline. Karl, Glenn, Donna, Becky, Colby... That night Lindsey and Brett came to visit. The next day Meghan, Mark, Shauna, Micah, Kel and the girls came. Mom, Dad, Kim, Tim, Stephen, Jess, Adelyn, & Eva came around the time for us to get discharged. The girls were so excited again! We delivered on Friday but decided to go ahead and go home on Saturday. Daniel and I had some sweet time together hanging out with her just the three of us Saturday in between all the discharge test and visits from doctors. Daniel got in the hospital bed with me and we just hung out.

 We got Caroline in the van with the other girls and got to leave as a family. The girls were so excited! We all came back to the house and had dinner. Daniel's family all stayed with us that night. The next day we decided to let the girls go home with Kim and Tim for a couple days. That was a super hard decision because I knew I would miss them but it was good for them to have some distraction and for Daniel and I to recover and spend some time with Caroline. Adelyn was excited and packed her bag right away. Eva was excited at first but then a little emotional. She sat down in the driveway to hold baby one more time. It's been crazy watching her transition... She super excited about Caroline and wants to hold her and be involved every second with her but is also more whiny and is testing us. I know this is just a phase but I'm ready for her to be adjusted. Adelyn of course has sailed right through this with ease. She excited but handles it so well. I love how well she held Caroline for the first time. She's such a great big sister to Eva and Caroline.

Friday, November 21, 2014

CAW Updates

So here is baby number three for ya! I have kept these notes in the note section on my phone so that I don't forget or miss anything. I am sad to say that there is a great deal of difference between the words and time put into her 3/4 month post than Adelyn's. But lets face it...when Adelyn was 3/4 months old I was sitting around sipping tea and snuggling with her all day long. I had much more time to blog. I am thankful for the craziness now but it just means I have to be okay with these posts being a little different. Here are little Miss Caroline Annie's updates so far. I will post her birth story soon too.

Naps are starting to be more defined - around 3 a day.
November starting holding toys and teething some.
Taking juice a few times a week for constipation.
Sleeping well from 9pm-4/5am!
9/29 rolled over from tummy to back first time on blue bedding quilt.
9/28 first laugh in living room with Kellie tickling her leg.
9/24- slept until 4:30am!
September talking and cooing started batting at toys.
First cold 3 weeks. You got it from Eva (surprise, surprise). Humidifier and raised crib mattress. Praising The Lord for not much trouble with baby blues.
First smile at daddy 8/11/14 sitting on the sofa in the morning.
First event - August 9 Zach and Jess wedding. Mimi came to help with her during ceremony and reception. Slept in her crib for the first time 7 days old. Did pretty well just needed paci a couple times... Are at 7pm, 12:30, and 4:30. Swaddled.
Started getting out at week 2 errands where she would stay in the car with me or Daniel then out to lunch with Nana and Papa after church at The Point.
Still smiling in her sleep but I feel like is close to smiling while awake. 1 week.
6 days lost belly button clamp.
Great nurser, very chill. Burps easily. Not much spit up.
Wakes up to eat 2x at night at 5 days old
Birthdate 7/25/14! 4:25 pm 7'7
Found out we were pregnant 11/12/13 Eva in big sis shirt for Daniel!
First apt with nurse 11/19 2nd apt December 10th
Told Mimi and Grandad in Lincolnton by Adelyn drawing a picture that said "big sis x2":)
Told Adelyn, Eva, Nana and Papa 11/19 while out to eat. Adelyn said, "is it really really true?" & "now Eva will be a big sister!" ;)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Gymnast!


I don't even know where to begin. So much to catch up on... I have decided to set aside a certain time each week to update the blog. I feel like I've missed so much...but that's okay. I will do a quick catch up on each of the sweet girls and go from there.

{Adelyn Elizabeth}
About to turn 5!!! Loving the newness of going to preschool. Healthy and strong. Talker. Sweet sweet spirit. She talks a lot and ask questions about everything. She LOVES being around people and is always asking who we will see during the day and what the plan is for the day and the next. She is taking on being a big sister of 2 well but has moments when she tells me that it is hard. ;) She is playing soccer currently on Saturdays and loves it but can't wait to be back into ballet. I decided it would be too much for the fall and she will probably start back in January.

{Eva Grace}
2 1/2 years old. My silly LITTLE curly headed girl. Has big highs and big lows. Snacker. Loud. She is still figuring out how to be in the middle. ;) She loves Caroline with all her heart but sometimes has too much emotion to know what to do with (ie - biting...eeeek). She looks up to Adelyn always and often says, "like Addie", when she does something new or big. She loves to dance and play outside. I am obsessed with her curly hair and love how much of an encourager she is. She is going with Caroline and Me to BSF this year and loves it. She started gymnastics classes and is quite the gymnast. She wants to be a part of Adelyn's soccer too... I think she will be our little athlete.

{Caroline Annie}
2 months old. Laid back little piece of sunshine. She is normally happy unless she is tired or hungry. She calms easily. Sleeps well (once she found her thumb). She is a good nurser. She started to smile and talk a lot lately. She rolled over yesterday from her tummy to her back! I feel like she is just along for the ride...but her sisters adore her and are always looking out for her. When she barely starts to cry either of them will run to her, look for her paci, and put it in her mouth. She has 3 Mamas. I can't wait to see her interact with them more as she starts to move around and play.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Potty Training { Eva Grace }

Potty training Eva did not prove to be as easy as it was with her sister... in fact I feel like we still are potty training and it's been since April 1! In fact... I'm not kidding when I say I just had to hop up and clean poop out of her panties because as I type this I heard her saying from the play room, "Mommy, don't say gross, okay?". Oh my. Any ways... We started on April 1 with the princess toilet seat top and she kept saying that it hurt and she would have red marks on her legs. She is so tiny she was even falling through that. By 9am we had had like 3 accidents. I had yet to successfully get her to actually pee in the toilet at all by lunch so I decided it was time to run to Walmart and purchase a small potty. She is currently into Frogs and I was so excited to find that Walmart had a froggy potty for I think $10! Eva was even more excited than me and she held it like it was a stuffed animal.

We got home, tried it out and wallah! She peed I think the first time I set her on it. From there it was a battle for a few days. I had to take her every 20/30 min. I'm not very good at staying home for a few consecutive days so I would put a diaper on her when we got in the car but would still constantly take her. She has surprised me and has never had an accident out. We definitely did candy treats. She LOVES sixlets and would get one for every successful trip. We still do diapers at nap occasionally and at night time. I'm waiting a little while longer until she wakes up dry more consecutively. She is so cute she runs into the bathroom and says, "hey froggy, how ya doing?". 

Many many accidents but we are getting there and I am so proud of her and even more excited that she will be finished with diapers before we break out the newborn diapers again! Big little girl!! I know that if I had tried this later in pregnancy I would not have been able to do it because of the constant up and down off of the floor and the extra energy needed. It wore me out! 

There was one day when Eva said she needed to go pee pee (we were upstairs) and Adelyn said I will take her. I was finishing what I was doing and just said, okay. Next thing I know (like 1 minute later) I hear Adelyn say, "Big girl, what a big poop"! I ran in there expecting to find the worst and Adelyn had pulled Eva's panties down and lifted her up on the big potty by herself and Eva had pooped! After that I told Adelyn she was in charge of potty training. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baby #3 Update...Name to be determined.

We found out we were pregnant with this sweet little girl 11/12/2013. I felt a little different and knew that Daniel and I started trying to get pregnant in October. It was the day I was supposed to start but I couldn't wait and took a pregnancy test upstairs in our bathroom while the girls were napping. We were supposed to meet at Lowes when Daniel got off work to pick up some stuff so I had to wait until we got home. While Adelyn was busy doing something else I put a Big Sister tshirt on Eva for her pjs and had her walk in to see Daniel in our room. He said, "oh won't she be cold in that tonight?" Not even catching on to what her shirt said. ;) I asked him to read her shirt and he caught on and was so excited!

Our first appointment with the nurse was 11/19/2013 and with Dr. Creighton 12/10/2013. We got to see her little heartbeat and received the due date! July 19!

We told Adelyn, Nana and Papa while out to eat at north hills. When I told Adelyn she looked at me and sweetly said, "is it really true?" & "now Eva will be a big sister!". She is so smart and sweet. I can't take it. We told Mimi and Grandad in Lincolton by Adelyn drawing a picture that said "big sis x 2".

We had our anatomy ultrasound on 2/17/2014 and found out we were having another GIRL! It did take me some time to process...because I have always dreamed of having a boy. But I quickly became excited about the 3 sisters. I love trying to picture what she will be like and who she will look like. We told my family but Adelyn helping me make cupcakes with blue and with pink inside (before the appointment) and then at Les Mis the night of the appointment we let them eat one to tell. This is actually how we told Adelyn and Eva too.

We are humbled by the fact that she seems to be growing well and she is constantly kicking me...maybe she will take after Eva Grace.

I have painted her room BLUE. Strange I know. But I was a little tired of all pink... so she will have pink and blue in her room. I will post pictures of her nursery when it is complete.