Thursday, August 13, 2015

Caroline Annie is 1!

Sweet little Caroline is ONE! On the blog she only has a birth story and a 2 month update. There is so much more I want to share about this sweet little gal. Here are some updates and photos from her 1st year celebration.

Okay this one is from the night before she turned one. The coloring is horrible but I had to keep this to remember her last night as a baby. 

The morning of her day. We sang Happy Birthday to her as a family. 

Big girl. 

 My celebrating partner in crime. 

She looks so big in this photo with her Nana. 

Eva enjoying the party. 

Digging in. She didn't need a spoon like her older sisters. 

Present time. She was so happy with every present she received! She hugged them and kissed them. 


Daddy time. 

Kissy face. 

Her new swing! 

Caroline Annie Updates:
She sleeps through the night. Normally wakes up around 5am to nurse and goes back to sleep. She nurses just before bed too.
8/12- has 4 teeth on bottom and 4 on top all of a sudden. Still taking only 1-2 steps.
7/14/15 Tooth left of two bottom & two top teeth.
6/25/15 First step!!!
5/2015 Love how Eva says to C "hey my dahlin". Love how C pulls away from nursing and does her backwards wave at me like she's saying hey, Mommy. Second tooth bottom right.
4/8 First tooth! Bottom left.
4/4/15 Just thinking of you and how stinking cute you are and how I don't want you to get big. You crawl so fast now and pull up on anything. When I take you to bed at night you lay your head on my shoulder with your paci in your mouth. I sing "Jesus loves me" kind of silly and bounce ... If I stop bouncing you move your body in a bouncing motion to try to get me to bounce as you smile. You love open mouth kisses on my cheek (not daddy's because of his beard). You get SO excited when you see your sisters and always try to keep up with them.
7/8 months: sits up on her own, crawling, starting to pull up, saying dada, lala with her tongue way out, smiles do easily, breaths heavily and smiles when she's excited, eating baby food 2x day with puffs, mum mums and started finger foods like banana, peas, green beans, still no teeth. Wakes up 1-2 at night to nurse...because I let her. Started bathing with the girls. Gets excited to be around A and E. Hair getting more blonde. When she wakes up loves to snuggle and talk in our bed in the morning. Knows what she wants. Cries likes she's physically injured if she doesn't get it.:)
6 months: pushes up on knees like she will crawl, pushes up to plank, almost trying to sit up by herself, likes eating puffs, yogurt melts and mum mums, loves baby food at dinner time. Takes 3 naps, sleeps from7/8 to 7 but wakes up twice to nurse still.

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