Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I don't even know where to begin. So much to catch up on... I have decided to set aside a certain time each week to update the blog. I feel like I've missed so much...but that's okay. I will do a quick catch up on each of the sweet girls and go from there.

{Adelyn Elizabeth}
About to turn 5!!! Loving the newness of going to preschool. Healthy and strong. Talker. Sweet sweet spirit. She talks a lot and ask questions about everything. She LOVES being around people and is always asking who we will see during the day and what the plan is for the day and the next. She is taking on being a big sister of 2 well but has moments when she tells me that it is hard. ;) She is playing soccer currently on Saturdays and loves it but can't wait to be back into ballet. I decided it would be too much for the fall and she will probably start back in January.

{Eva Grace}
2 1/2 years old. My silly LITTLE curly headed girl. Has big highs and big lows. Snacker. Loud. She is still figuring out how to be in the middle. ;) She loves Caroline with all her heart but sometimes has too much emotion to know what to do with (ie - biting...eeeek). She looks up to Adelyn always and often says, "like Addie", when she does something new or big. She loves to dance and play outside. I am obsessed with her curly hair and love how much of an encourager she is. She is going with Caroline and Me to BSF this year and loves it. She started gymnastics classes and is quite the gymnast. She wants to be a part of Adelyn's soccer too... I think she will be our little athlete.

{Caroline Annie}
2 months old. Laid back little piece of sunshine. She is normally happy unless she is tired or hungry. She calms easily. Sleeps well (once she found her thumb). She is a good nurser. She started to smile and talk a lot lately. She rolled over yesterday from her tummy to her back! I feel like she is just along for the ride...but her sisters adore her and are always looking out for her. When she barely starts to cry either of them will run to her, look for her paci, and put it in her mouth. She has 3 Mamas. I can't wait to see her interact with them more as she starts to move around and play.

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