Friday, November 21, 2014

CAW Updates

So here is baby number three for ya! I have kept these notes in the note section on my phone so that I don't forget or miss anything. I am sad to say that there is a great deal of difference between the words and time put into her 3/4 month post than Adelyn's. But lets face it...when Adelyn was 3/4 months old I was sitting around sipping tea and snuggling with her all day long. I had much more time to blog. I am thankful for the craziness now but it just means I have to be okay with these posts being a little different. Here are little Miss Caroline Annie's updates so far. I will post her birth story soon too.

Naps are starting to be more defined - around 3 a day.
November starting holding toys and teething some.
Taking juice a few times a week for constipation.
Sleeping well from 9pm-4/5am!
9/29 rolled over from tummy to back first time on blue bedding quilt.
9/28 first laugh in living room with Kellie tickling her leg.
9/24- slept until 4:30am!
September talking and cooing started batting at toys.
First cold 3 weeks. You got it from Eva (surprise, surprise). Humidifier and raised crib mattress. Praising The Lord for not much trouble with baby blues.
First smile at daddy 8/11/14 sitting on the sofa in the morning.
First event - August 9 Zach and Jess wedding. Mimi came to help with her during ceremony and reception. Slept in her crib for the first time 7 days old. Did pretty well just needed paci a couple times... Are at 7pm, 12:30, and 4:30. Swaddled.
Started getting out at week 2 errands where she would stay in the car with me or Daniel then out to lunch with Nana and Papa after church at The Point.
Still smiling in her sleep but I feel like is close to smiling while awake. 1 week.
6 days lost belly button clamp.
Great nurser, very chill. Burps easily. Not much spit up.
Wakes up to eat 2x at night at 5 days old
Birthdate 7/25/14! 4:25 pm 7'7
Found out we were pregnant 11/12/13 Eva in big sis shirt for Daniel!
First apt with nurse 11/19 2nd apt December 10th
Told Mimi and Grandad in Lincolnton by Adelyn drawing a picture that said "big sis x2":)
Told Adelyn, Eva, Nana and Papa 11/19 while out to eat. Adelyn said, "is it really really true?" & "now Eva will be a big sister!" ;)

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