Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baby #3 Update...Name to be determined.

We found out we were pregnant with this sweet little girl 11/12/2013. I felt a little different and knew that Daniel and I started trying to get pregnant in October. It was the day I was supposed to start but I couldn't wait and took a pregnancy test upstairs in our bathroom while the girls were napping. We were supposed to meet at Lowes when Daniel got off work to pick up some stuff so I had to wait until we got home. While Adelyn was busy doing something else I put a Big Sister tshirt on Eva for her pjs and had her walk in to see Daniel in our room. He said, "oh won't she be cold in that tonight?" Not even catching on to what her shirt said. ;) I asked him to read her shirt and he caught on and was so excited!

Our first appointment with the nurse was 11/19/2013 and with Dr. Creighton 12/10/2013. We got to see her little heartbeat and received the due date! July 19!

We told Adelyn, Nana and Papa while out to eat at north hills. When I told Adelyn she looked at me and sweetly said, "is it really true?" & "now Eva will be a big sister!". She is so smart and sweet. I can't take it. We told Mimi and Grandad in Lincolton by Adelyn drawing a picture that said "big sis x 2".

We had our anatomy ultrasound on 2/17/2014 and found out we were having another GIRL! It did take me some time to process...because I have always dreamed of having a boy. But I quickly became excited about the 3 sisters. I love trying to picture what she will be like and who she will look like. We told my family but Adelyn helping me make cupcakes with blue and with pink inside (before the appointment) and then at Les Mis the night of the appointment we let them eat one to tell. This is actually how we told Adelyn and Eva too.

We are humbled by the fact that she seems to be growing well and she is constantly kicking me...maybe she will take after Eva Grace.

I have painted her room BLUE. Strange I know. But I was a little tired of all pink... so she will have pink and blue in her room. I will post pictures of her nursery when it is complete.

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